Should the government paint the white house a different colour?

Asked by: bananaunicorn4
  • White is boring

    I think they should paint it a color that stands out the most... Something that screams "this is the white house!!!". Something that can be seen from space and makes all eyes of the world point in the direction of Washington D.C I think the best color would be pink with purple pokadots and a massive yellow stripe down the middle, and a blue-red tiger pattern on the doors.

    I think that would be epic XD

    Aside from jokes... No it looks fine

  • It' s simple logic.

    If the blue man lives in the blue house, the yellow man lives in the yellow house, and the red man lives the red house, what sense does it make for a black man to live the white house? In order to comply with simple logical principles, we must paint the white house black so that our government is not resting upon a major contradiction.

  • Yes i do think

    To give it more pazazzzzzzz hot pink, blue, purple... Who cares on the name of the building I want a national monument to be a pretty color, white it to boring black would be atleast a little better ooooa what about magenta hmmm I hope they do a pretty color

  • Sounds like a good idea to me.

    To me, the name "whitehouse" sounds racist to me because I think that it implies that it is only for white people, appearing to be meant to imply that white people always make better presidents than other races. If we paint it a color that is not significantly associated in any way with ethnicity, we would be forced change its name, thus avoiding any possible racism. For example, if we painted it yellow, we would have to call it the yellowhouse. I will quote 11kennardb on this: "...You'd be desecrating the name of this most important figure of your culture." That does not make any difference. As I stated earlier, the name "whitehouse" is probably racist and makes no sense without a white color. Being respectful to those who are alive today is more important than respecting a dead man who is probably in heaven and does not care if you are respecting him or not. I know my argument is probably a little bit insulting, but it has no racist or insulting intent behind it.

  • Bring back the old colour

    They should bring back the chard look that it once held. I think it would look better that way as well as serve the people more efficiently. It really is just a symbol, so we can better symbolize it through a new exterior and interior design. if you think im lying

  • Why not ?

    White is boring. Too plain of a color but I have no idea how they'd pick a new color. Having a president pick the color would be way too out of control repainting the house every 4 or 8 years. It was naturally a grey color before it burned down in 1812 from the attacks from the British. They don't need to keep calling it "the white house", they could simply repaint the house and call it "The President's House".

  • White is stupid

    It needs a little more color and who wants to get a stain on a nice white house. It needs a new look so that people will wanna see it. Who wants to go visit a white house. In needs a little more color then just plain old white. .

  • I say yes

    You should be able to because it is a land mark and it would be amazing
    and its time for a change! It would be even more special to the world like the statue of liberty the state flag Lincoln memorial paintings mos-arts will all eventually change. Thank you for reading.

  • White is dumb

    In my opinion, the white house is just a normal big white house. Yeah it's where the president lives, but they don't even let you see him. Who would want to go to the US to see a white building? I certainly won't. They should make it colourful. Like yellow, or maybe even rainbow coloured!

  • I see no reason not to!

    Let's paint it off white, like our debt! Way off track. It would be perfect, and add to the debt as well! Perfect.
    On a serious note, I actually like the white so, no. White is good. It isn't racist. It is just a color. Maybe a boring color, but a color.

  • It is impossible

    If the white house were to be painted a different colour, then it would no longer be the white house. Even though I would love to see it in a nice mint colour, it cannot be painted a different colour. Unless they started calling it something else of course... They could just call it the presipartment.

  • It is Historic

    The white house has been white ever since it was first made so changing it would be an offense to the history of the white house, so if the government were to change the color, except the pink LIGHTS during breast cancer awareness month. They just shouldn't because like a said it would be a disgrace to whatever president would do that.

  • Waste of Money

    The US is already in trillions of dollars of debt. Re-painting an iconic building, which has a well-known colour (it's in its name!), would be a total waste of paint, time, and money. Not only that, you'd be desecrating the name of this important figure of your culture. Besides, why would you want to repaint it anyway?!

  • Why would you want to?

    I mean, sure, you COULD paint it a different color, but if you do a simple cost-benefit analysis, the costs outweigh the benefits. On the benefit side of things, you get rid of a color that some people find boring (I personally like it). On the cost side, you annoy people that like the color white, you change something that's been a major part of our culture for quite some time, and you'd have to spend a lot of tax payer money to do it. You'd have to buy the paint, buy the tools, pay the painters, among other things. In addition, you'd also have a ton of arguing and disagreement as to what color it should be painted.

  • Don't be stupid!!!!

    1st of all for all of you race baiters....There is nothing about race that in any way associated with the color of that house. The color of the house is a very historical thing. I know that liberals being scared of history want this changed. I really feel sorry for this country because of debates like this happening.

  • If you are a race activist this would be a waste of time

    Well I would say there are far more pressing matters to attend to than the color of the president's residence. I'm pretty sure the new hidden racism found in workplaces, media, social gatherings should be addressed. Not something as ridiculous as the color of the president's home. The General Lee statue is black! And he was a popular Confederate general. Oh no we should paint it white!

  • What is the Point?

    Whatever we would spend on painting the White House (way too much as the government over pays for everything) we could use to give back into the economy. This is overall a dumb idea, the only argument against not painting the white house, is that people think it's boring painted white. We don't have the money to worry about what houses look boring to some people....

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Madsolesen says2016-01-08T08:57:58.377
I think the house should have the same colour as the president xD
That means if Trump gets elected, it should be painted grey