• Yes: The Government Should Protect More Wilderness Areas

    We are living in a time where habitat fragmentation, toxification of the environment through industrial pollutants and agriculture, and climate change, are all wreaking havoc on the natural world. Protecting wilderness preserves is not enough, but it's a good start towards keeping safe the ecosystems which we ultimately depend upon for our very lives. The government should do what it can, and we as individuals should pick up where these institutions leave off.

  • Yes, they should.

    It is of utmost importance to pass legislation to protect wilderness preserves. Firstly, we are the guardians and shepherds of this planet now, so it is our moral obligation to treat wildlife fairly. Secondly, we need balance on earth for the ecosystem and the preserves help maintain this on a large scale.

  • Protect our environment.

    Yes, the government needs to pass legislation to protect wilderness reserves. Here in the United States, we are facing opposition to such laws from corporations who want to exploit our preserves. Sorry, but we can not allow that to happen. Our wilderness preserves are delicate ecosystems, and safe houses of sorts for many threatened animal species.

  • Yes, we should.

    Yes, I believe that the United States government should pass legislation to protect the wilderness preserves. Animals are losing more and more of their habits each day. If left up to many businesses who could stand to profit off of land that some animals live on, they would be wiped out in the name of profit. We need to protect animals and nature for the future.

  • Yes, conservation is important.

    The government does need to take a stand in an area such as this because our capitalism is going to try to earn a profit from every bit of land left and we do need to leave some open space. It is important to have areas where we can experience the natural world.

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