Should the government pay attention to global warming before it gets too late?

Asked by: TheSocialGamer
  • Yes they should.

    Ive seen this movie called The Day After Tommorow.The movie is about which all of the ice or somethng melts and the northern hemipshere gets frozen over blah blah blah.It might happen so i think governments should not waste money on there stupid green-house gas sh*t and pay attention to global warming before its too late.

  • Yes i think they should

    I think they should because the scientists are much more advanced and smarter than the government so they are a lot more accurate and their results are the most likely to happen because they have spent more time and effort into global warming and i think scientists should be given a lot more respect

  • We have to watch Global Warming

    Global Warming is not just man made but if not kept track of can hurt future generations. Global Warming has caused the polar ice-caps to melt for years. The are fossil fuels that are causing Global warming affects on everyone. If the polar ice-caps melt, all that ice becomes water and will cause the sea level to rise plus the world will lose some lands or islands.
    This is why we should watch Global Warming.

  • Yes we should listen

    Because our climate change could be related to how the dinosaurs got extinct. The dinosaurs could have died from climate change. So we need to pay attention to climate change or our race could become what the happened to the dinosaurs. Act now so we can figure out whats going on.

  • The world is literally our oyster

    I have tried taking up a logical viewpoint with this debate *clears throat*

    As a student of economics and someone who is intensely disgusted by littering and the general destruction of our planet, I think the government should pay attention to an issue which has the potential to severely impact on our quality of life. In economic theory humanity is said to depend on natural resources, which is severely impacted by global warming; it is our source of production and sustenance and, as I have said above, our oyster that protects us. To ignore this issue is done to the detriment of society. We literally won't be able to sustain our lifestyles and maybe even our presence on this planet if we fail to notice the changes our environment is going through. It's like not noticing a disease and continuing to expose ourselves to it!

  • It is very obvious

    Science is what gives us answers. It is only rational to trust that science is right about global warming, man made or not. People can deny, but anyone can research it and see the results. We must be able to agree on what the problems are as a race if we are going to be able to save our planet from our own chaos and destruction.

  • Science Triumphs Again!

    As of late, global warming has been proven to no longer be a theory. If we continue to pollute the planet as we do, then in 50-60 years, humans will begin to decline as the amount of pollutants in the environment begin to increase, if we continue, then in 100-150 years, humanity WILL die as the atmosphere ends up like the atmosphere on the beleaguered planet Venus.

  • All the evidence supports that the climate is changing and it is due to fossil fuels

    And then people just ignore it in spite of there being a consensus of about 99% of scientists in favor of the hypothesis that global warming is real and is happening.

    If there is any indicator that democracy doesn't work or should at least be limited to people who are educated about politics and current events then it's this.

    Policy is based on popularity contests, personal appearance, and special interests. And worse people in everyday life speak about form and appearance and presentation style and appealing to the common people not as if it were an unfortunate necessity but as if it were good. It is NOT good. People vote for president because he looks nice and ignore the real issues. People do the same with Congressmen.

    Scientists should run the government, not the unwashed masses. Democracy is a fantasy that doesn't work.

  • CAGW is a dirty hoax

    No, the idea of dangerous man-made global warming is probably the pseudoscienfic scan in human history. Sorry, but there’s no evidence that atmospheric CO2 is driving temperatures, and the warming we are experiencing is within long-term natural variation. There is no ‘97% consensus’ either. Anyone who says there is demonstrating the poverty of their own research. The fact that CO2 does not cause global warming can be seen most graphically from the fact that Mars has no greenhouse effect even though it has 8 times as much CO2 than Earth. Mars has 24 teratonnes of CO2 and Earth has about 3 teratonnes. Take a look at NASA’s Fact Sheet for Mars and you’ll see that its average temperature of 210K is identical to its blackbody radiation temperature.

  • It's not the first time.

    Global warming has been happening for hundreds of years, it is not something that just started in the last few decades. The Earth has gone through periods of increased heat and cold, before the Ice age it was warmer. Over time the Earth began to cool until the Ice age happened, and there is evidence that there has been more then one Ice age. Global warming is nothing more the a fallacy used to try and scare people into "going green", yes there are steps that could be taken to slow down the rate and which the earth was warming, but there is no way to stop it. Just like in thousand of years from now there will be no way to stop Global cooling.

  • Global warming is a mere myth

    Global warming is fake. Looking back in history, if you plotted the temperature of the earth over thousands of years you'll get a trend. It looks much like a single DNA strand, and is like a loop. Currently Earth is in the higher loop and it'll go down again.

    Another thing people say is greenhouse gasses. Another myth. Every gas is a green house gas. Oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, everything. Global warming is freaking everyone out but it doesn't exist in the first place.

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