Should the government pay for organ donations?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • People can't be expected to pay for everything..

    I think that since the government has all this money, and they can make tons more... Then they should at least do something as simple as paying for organ donations. I know there is a lot of people who can't pay for there own insurance so why can't the government help save some people's life?

  • It's a simple elegant solution to the organ donation for money debate

    If the government pays for it then the rich have no special advantage and the organ donors still get a financial incentive to donate. This could save thousands of lives every year. It could also help relieve people in financial duress in exchange for a good thing, particularly during periods of high unemployment.
    Some will complain it's not as special anymore, but it's more important to save people's lives. If the government is paying for it then it saves all lives including poor ones.

  • There are plenty of reasons why we can't do this.

    There could be fights in families if we pay the family of a deceased organ donor. You cannot put a price on the human body. It is illegal to sell organs as stated in Title III of the National Organ Donation Transplant act of 1984. A black market could start and people would be selling their organs as they do drugs. How can we price organs fairly? There would most likely be more money paid to the donor depending on which organ they donate. We lose the personal link that there currently is in the process of donation and we also lose respect for the human body and the life of the donors and recipients. Since you don't have to give up your full medical records to donate, some people may donate for the sole reason of getting paid. You may argue that they screen each organ before giving it to a recipient, but some diseases, like Hepatitis B and C can be missed when screening. If giving incentives does increase the amount of organ donors, some doctors in different places of the United States may get lazy and just stop screening some organs all together. And what are we going to do about past organ donors? Surely they will want to be paid too, right? The United States has a terrible economy as it is, we are over 18 trillion dollars in debt. Do we want to put us further into debt? Where will hospitals get the money? Will they charge others more on their medical bills? Will it cost more to get an organ? There are other diseases that can't be fixed with something as simple as an organ donation. We should be investing this money in research. Back to the human body being priceless, if we do allow incentives, it is in the human nature how selfish we are. No matter how much money we get, it will never be enough for "giving up a part of us."

  • There are better uses of government money.

    We have two options.
    We could invest money into stem cell research and we could innovate and find ways to produce organs from stem cells.
    If the use of an embryo for research is against human dignity, then whats the difference between stem cell research and organ donation? If stem cell research is not ok, then neither is organ donation.
    Also, what is wrong with the rich having an advantage over the poor? Money used to store value, and if you have more money, you should be able to buy things that people with less money can't as long as its legal, which in this case it is not

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Cheetah says2014-01-13T08:34:24.973
Then it wouldn't be a 'donation'