Should the government place higher taxes on environmentally unfriendly products?

  • Yes, the government should place higher taxes on environmentally unfriendly products.

    In my opinion the government should place higher taxes on environmentally unfriendly products as well as the businesses that operate high pollution producing factories and operation. The reason I am in favor of higher taxation is because we the people are often saddled with the environmental clean up and we the people have to live with the pollution that is created.

  • Economy First, Environment Second

    The economy is more important than preserving the natural environment. After all, man's environment is here to serve him. If a producer utilizes the environment to make a product that consumers are willing to buy, such as oil, then why should the government get in the way of that exchange? Carbon dioxide is the side effect, but honestly I think that's a fair price to pay for the most useful and most traded commodity in the world.

    If you feel that the environmental effects are greater than the benefit to humanity then you can stop using products made of oil and see how that works out. But one man is not morally allowed to prevent an exchange from taking place if it benefits all parties involved (which it does in a free market).

  • Who Decides That

    The first problem with the government imposing higher taxes on so-called environmentally unfriendly products is that some organization will have to draw lines as to what is or is not "environmentally unfriendly". This leads to the politicization of science, as politically favored companies will be less likely to have their products deemed unfriendly.

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