• Yes, the time is right.

    Of course there was a time when the native Americans were so oppressed and had such a different way of life that they wanted to maintain that it was right for them to have special benefits even if these isolated them. But now they can assimilate and still keep their own special customs and that should be encouraged.

  • They would benefit.

    Yes, the government policy towards American Indians should move towards a greater assimilation into the general population, because the incident rates of alcoholism and domestic violence are extremely high in the Native American population. As a prosecutor, I remember many domestic violence victims who would not leave Native American abusers because of compensation.

  • Exclusion has great consequences

    The exclusion of Indians into reservations has helped lead to the destruction of American Indian culture. Meant to foster and help preserve the culture, diseases and circumstances has wiped out populations, and much of the culture is being hurt in other ways as well. The best option is to try to assimilate and make the best of the situation.

  • Native Americans should not be separated

    Native Americans were here before us, and they should not be treated as second class people. They should be as much a part of America as anyone else, and to do that, native americans should be encouraged to be more a part of our society. How much they want to assimilate should be up to them, but they should be able to easily open the door as wide as they want.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I do not think that the government policy toward American Indians should move toward a greater assimilation into the general population. They were here first and we have already taken so much from them. I feel that they should be able to live as close to their original culture as they want.

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