Should the government policy towards Native Americans shift away from the current recognition of the wrongs from the 19th century?

  • Yes, the recognition of wrongs should change.

    The US government to my knowledge has never fully admitted or apologized for the wrong doings and awful treatment that they committed on the Native Americans. All the government has done is give the a natives some extra land. The government should try to give them more and make it easier for them to integrate into society.

  • I am not sure if I am understanding but.....

    Policies are written by elected officials at a time when a particular issue may be viewed more heavily from a particularly painless or benefitial perspective. As such why should we deny ourselves the opportunity to twist intentions to suit or needs, and one day be undone "for the greater good".

  • Yes, it should.

    By no means am I saying what was done was right, but the Native Americans today do not deserve all of this special treatment. They are American citizens which should be good enough in today's world. There life today is likely much better and safer than it would have been if the events of the past did not happen.

  • We Should Look to the Future

    Native Americans, while historically treated poorly by early colonials should be treated as equals and allowed all of our rights plus sovereign freedoms. They were here before our ancestors, we have committed atrocities against them, but at this point we can only grow from our mistakes and continue to work towards a better cooperative future.

  • Yes, the USA should stop thinking about the past in regards to Native Americans.

    I definitely think it's time for the American government to stop focusing on the wrongs that occurred in the 19th century when dealing with Native Americans. I think that the Native Americans of today are being given too much benefits and are being babied by the US government out of guilt.

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