Should the Government Prohibit Physicians from Recommending Medical Marijuana?

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  • Government dosent control the world

    We should never trust the govt. Especially with doctors and people who actually know what they are doing. A govt that controls so much of the nation is heavily tyrannical and un-constitutional. We need a govt that can work for the people, not the other way around. I stand With Rand

  • US Government Should Not Prohibit Medical Marijuana

    No, the United States Government should not prohibit physicians from recommending medical marijuana as medical marijuana has proven medicinal uses. A physician has a better understanding of what would work to treat his/her patient than does the government, so the government should have no right at all to prevent a physician from using the correct medication.

  • Lawmakers are not doctors

    The government should not limit a physicians ability to dispense medical marijuana in states that have voted by the people to allow medicinal marijuana to be used. Medical marijuana has proven positive effects for a variety of disease processes, especially to subdue the negative side effects of many pharmaceuticals used to treat disease processes.

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