Should the government provide better tax breaks to subsidize paid child care?

  • Yes, having a family and working a career should not be mutually exclusive.

    Incentivising prospective parents to stay in the workplace keeps potential leaders and experienced workers on the job, which is good for businesses. It keeps single parents from being cut out. It prevents problems like children being left home alone, and women feeling forced into choosing between a career and having children

  • Yes the government should provide better tax breaks

    Yes, I think that the federal government should provide better tax breaks to subsidize paid child care. It is important to working parents, and some families that are just a one-income home, to have good child care so that they can be at work and still have their children taken care of.

  • Let's provide incentive for responsible parenting.

    Folks that want to get out and work instead of depending on the government or something like that, I believe deserve a break when it comes to putting their kids somewhere for the day so that they can actually be productive members of society. It's a stimulus for the economy no matter how you look at it, and with all the crazy things we have tax breaks for, this is one that at least makes half a lick of sense.

  • Yes, it should.

    While I would prefer certain centers to provide subsidized child care, I understand that this is not always feasible or responsible. If a person cannot afford child care, they cannot work - this creates a further welfare deficit that helps no one. Free and easily accessible birth control should ALWAYS be available to help curb this trend, but once it's done all we can really do is try to work within the problem.

  • Your choice you pay

    YOU chose to have kids. YOU need to pay for it.
    Plain and simple. The stupid socialism needs to stop now. The government needs to stop subsidizing kid and spouses(who choose not to work).
    I am single and I end up paying a lot more taxes than I should be. Period

  • Pay your own way

    I do not understand why, when an adult has a child, the government is responsible for plundering to cover the costs of their child-care. Nearly everyone knows the possible result of sexual intercourse. Nine months later you may end up with a very expensive investment. Various levels of government raise revenue through taxation to provide free primary and secondary education while many government programs provide food, healthcare and financial support. I understand the vital role of children and that they are an investment in the future, but where does the idea that society OWES parents simply because they were responsible for participating in the procreation of a child. The majority of people in all of human history have had children, which have grown up to be anything from serial killers to Nobel prize winners. Nobody gets drunk one night and wakes up the next morning having built a sturdy, useful shed; no, it takes planning and preparations as well as the accumulation of appropriate resources and then the actual elbow grease to put the thing together. Parenting should be treated with the same respect! How can someone believe that simply because their biology did what it is supposed to do, now is OWED something by society so that their child has a greater chance for success in life when the parent did not make the appropriate sacrifices and preparations beforehand.

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