Should the government provide child care for working parents?

  • Don't have enough money.

    Some parents don't have enough money to support their children with health care, and its going to be bad if the child gets seriously injured or worse. It's also gonna make it worse for the parents because they need to work alot more to pay off their taxes and etc*, but that only leaves them so much that they wouldn't have enough.

  • Yes help parents from paying two mortgages

    I'm not saying it should be completely free but I have two children and I pay 900$ a month for childcare on a military installation. I can not justify why people with kids pay almost double mortgage because they have kids. Having children shouldn't hinder parents, I mean I can pay for my kids to live in a 900 dollar house, or buy another house if I wanted with that kind of money.

  • Parenting is at an all time low

    It is becoming a norm for young adolescences who are thinking that they have the blueprint or the Work Breakdown structure of life figured all out. I believe in a saying "The bed you make is the one you must lay in." Parents of all ages must comprehend that children are not meant to be paraded around to be told repeatedly how cute they are. Have children requires a high demand of moral and financial obligation.

  • The government should help people that work.

    The idea of government support is, or should be, to assist working citizens. Low income parents should get help with child care. Being able to work should be the goal and it encourages people to support and better themselves rather than depend on the government as much. If assistance is given with child care it may reduce the amount of other services provided.

  • So that they can earn an income to better their family.

    Enrolling in an educational daycare will also prepare young minds for school so that they have a better idea of what is expected of them and how they should be behaving around others. Without government funding many families simply cannot afford to have their children properly watched while they are at work.

  • Yes. There should be child care for working parents.

    Every working parent that has children should have child care free of charge from the government. If there was child care for every American child, this would be a step towards a brighter future.

  • Yes, Help Hard-Working Parents

    With help from the government for these expenses, many parents can work full-time positions and support their families in other ways. Most likely, these parents are already receiving government help and by having a job, they may be able to take on some of these other financial responsibilities; food stamps, medical expenses or other cash services such as TANF.

  • Just Yes. OK

    Not even a question. Just Yes.

    Kids are the making of the future and if we let something bad for them then something really bad could happen, And if you complain about taxes then just get a better education and a better job while putting dedication and also you will know were your tax money is going in the first place to help other people.

  • Yes, They should.

    Support more hours for working parents like food, Mortgage, Medical expenses and other things for the child like diapers, School care, And to put money away for the kid like college funds for a brighter future. Childcare can improve a child's development and if government provides childcare for working parents.

  • Yes! For parents who are working or attending college.

    Our economy needs children to support of economy later down the line. If the government at least covered day care costs for children under 5 years, Then that means more parents can go to work or go to school to get a better job later on. Parents working only boosts the economy. To those individuals who say don't have children or children are your responsibility, You don't understand that if everyone thought like that we wouldn't have a future generation. I understand that childcare assistance for children over 5 years is pushing it, But for infants and toddlers it is needed. I have an associates degree and I can't find a job that pays enough for me to go back to work because childcare is so expensive. I'm in school now getting my bachelor's degree, And thankfully my boyfriend works to support us now. Most individuals don't make enough money to pay for childcare, So assistance is needed. Childcare can costs families around 13, 000 dollars a year. Maybe the government shouldn't pay for all childcare costs, But it should at least be reduced. If more people were in the workforce that means more money for the economy. Also, More jobs could then be created. We good see a boost in day care and early learning programs created that would help toddlers adjust better to going into kindergarten. Academic, Social, Emotional skills could be learned earlier, Which means that children would be able to adjust better to social environments. I see childcare assistance program as a benefit for the economy, Job growth, Social and emotional growth for both parents and their children, And academic success for children. I call that a win-win-win-win. :)

  • Kids are great. You pay for them.

    I had 3 kids, Love 'em. My wife gave up her job for awhile to raise them (I know, Rear). That cost us a lot in lost wages but that was our choice. Now you have kids and want government handouts? No. You had kids, You pay for them like all the generations before you.

  • It's weird that this is even an issue.

    We do need a safety net. For the truly needy, We need programs to help them get on their feet. However, No one other than the truly, Honestly disabled should be on those kind of programs long term. If you're a single parent, And chose to be a single parent, You made your own bed. If you're a single parent through happenstance, Find yourself a partner to help with the job of child rearing. Parents of young kids have a choice: Take care of the kids or pay someone to do it. Don't expect me, A single person who doesn't enjoy any of the perks of family, To pay for the care of your children.

  • Not my responsibility to pay for your children

    Your children are not my responsibility. I didn't make them, So why am I supposed to pay for your children to be watched while you go to work? A public education is a different thing-that benefits society. Daycare-benefits no one else but yourself. If you don't want me to tell you how to raise your children-then don't expect me to pay for their daycare. You had the kid-you take care of the kid. You need a baby sitter? Work from home-get a family member to help-hire a nanny-get a baby sitter. . . But I don't want to pay for you little goblins to be looked after when it has no benefit to me or society.

  • Unless Parents Kick In Extra Taxes

    I don't have kids; but I know childcare can be prohibitively expensive. There must be a solution, But government-funded daycare will raise taxes. Since I don't have kids, I'm truly not interested in paying a dime toward daycare for someone else. Perhaps the solution is to more closely regulate the daycare industry so that parents aren't being ripped off. But, Again, It's the responsibility of the parent.

  • No. Your Kids, Your Responsibility.

    Here’s the thing: you CHOSE to have kids. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of your kids. You KNEW it was a financial commitment. You had NINE months to figure it out. So if you want to go do other things throughout the daytime besides raise YOUR kids, There are plenty of privately owned entities you can go to to arrange for someone to watch your kids. The government does not need to intervene and raise taxes for everyone just to fund such a program for YOUR kids. Plus, It’s just one more government-funded program for irresponsible people to take advantage of. Are you dropping your kids off at this facility to go to work? Or are you dropping your kids off so that you can go suck dick behind the Piggly WIggly grocery store and score crack without the kid standing there cramping your style? Hopefully not the latter, But we really don’t know for sure. In general, The government intervenes too much in matters that it can not fully regulate and monitor. Leave well enough alone.

  • No, they are your responsibility not everyone else.

    I second what DEACC wrote:
    No. They are YOUR child(ren) And where do you think the money for child care will come from if provided by the gov't. Your child, your responsibility. You and the other parent need to make sure you earn enough to provide for the child. If you are not ready to take on the responsibility then don't have children.

  • Reward people for living within their means

    While I realize that people believe that child-bearing is a right, it needs to be more of a privilege, in my opinion. I don't feel that I should restrict my family size to one I CAN AFFORD and then subsidize someone else with a different set of priorities than mine.

  • NO, They Shouldn't

    It isn't the company's problem that your child is home alone during the day. You can simply hire a trustworthy babysitter or send them to a day care. It also causes unneeded disturbances for everyone else that works there. Finally, it would cost the company more money unless they took it straight out of your check, which would cause you to lose money.

  • No boy u stupid

    That is why the parents are working. They earn that money to pay the bills. It is not just for cigarettes or booze. They need to use it for their kids. After all when they became a parent they took on that responsibility. We have too many people that are looking for a hand out.

  • The state is not financially responsible for our kids

    Parents are responsible for their own children. I think disadvantaged parents should get some assistance to help them though( means tested)
    So if the Government give money to working parents for child care then they should also give the same amount of money to parents who choose to stay at home and provide care for their own children. Parents who sacrifice one income for their children's best interest shouldn't be penalised when parents who put their kids in a day care centre all day get rewarded. If people believe they need all that assistance then maybe those people need to review their priority list.
    We are becoming a bit too dependant on the Government for our everyday wants not just needs. I realise it is a complex debate.

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