Should the government provide employment for unemployed people until they get a job?

  • The government should get something in return for the money they pay out if possible.

    I think the government should employ, at least part time, the people it is providing unemployment to. They are already paying them, so why not at least get something in return. I am sure they would be unable to employ everyone and full time may deter those people from finding other permanent work, so part time and temporary would give the government an opportunity to get back some of what it is giving.

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  • If you want tax for Australia - create employment

    Instead of letting multiple multinationals not pay tax make them pay enabling government to create jobs for Australians. Green jobs to get away from fossil fuel energy. Also stop non working politicians payments altogether. This money can be used to create jobs also. Workers need security . Help the people

  • It is the governments responsibilities to provide employment opportunities for the youths.

    At this critical juncture of time we youths are unemployed and it is the governments high responsibility to take care of our needs. This days they are considered to be our parents. They should however provide technical college loan scheme and free educational needs. However they should also provide education for the juveniles as well.

  • The government should provide employment for unemployed people until they get a job.

    The government should provide employment for unemployed people until they get a job. The government's main job is to ensure the welfare of its citizens, and if the government willingly lets unemployed people be unemployed, they are greatly failing at their main job. They should provide job for their citizens.

  • Will just create more bureaucracy and waste

    For starters this would assume that all of the unemployed is employable, which is simply not true. Some are there out of their own design. Secondly, jobs are not created out of thin air, they are created out of need. All this would do is saturate a job market with more employees then it could reasonably take in (also most likely unqualified employees). It is a nice idea, but then again so is socialism. Human behavior cannot be accounted for on paper, and human behavior is the reason this would collapse.

  • An All Around Bad Idea

    Employing the unemployed in government programs is not much better than leaving them to cash welfare checks. The reason that this is true is that government is generally not very good at creating value beyond its intended job as a protector of individual rights. A prime example of this failure can be seen in the Great Depression which was prolonged by so called shovel ready jobs in conjunction with huge farm subsidies and attempted manipulations of the barely existent gold standard. Also, these people will be paid with taxpayer money not the money of some employer who makes the conscious decision to pay another with his or her money. In other words, you'd still be stealing from some to give to others who haven't necessarily done the people footing the bill a service that they value. Effectively, these "reemployed" people will simply be picking up welfare checks.
    Why is the welfare system bad? Well, as I previously mentioned, it taxes the productive and pays the unproductive which isn't sustainable and ultimately sets a bad precedent by creating a disincentive to remain employed and an incentive to become unemployed or at least to stop feeding the cancerous growth of government welfare programs.
    Welfare also creates dependence on the government as recipients will ultimately forget their work skills after prolonged dependence and when something is provided by government, especially for extended periods of time, people forget and are unable to imagine how that something could be achieved without government. This dependence has the potential to lead to tyranny as the government can now use the dependence of its subjects as a bargaining chip.
    Finally, welfare is morally undesirable. It takes from the productive and the deserving, and gives to the unproductive and undeserving. If you are working to produce value then you should be rewarded, not punished. If you aren't working to produce value, then you shouldn't be rewarded. This is a basic application of Aristotle's definition of justice which is getting what you deserve.

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