Should the government provide gas money for college students?

  • Yes they should.

    The government should provide gas money for students as part of scholarships, grants and loans. This is because they are supposed to help pay for college expenses, and gas is definitely something that is a college expense. If the student chooses to walk or talk public transportation, they should still receive gas money as a bonus for not using gas.

  • Students colleges are far.

    Many students go to colleges that may be far from their home, due to the fact that the college has a good transfer rate, scores, teachers, etc. Students should be provided money for gas because they are coming from far cities just to attend a school for a better education. Not every student can afford these ridiculous gas prices, especially when they hike up to 4 almost 5 dollars a gallon.

  • The should not provide gas money.

    The government should not provide any gas money for college students. If college students want to drive and waste money on gas they should have to get a job and pay for it for themselves. There are plenty of other means of transportation that college students can use to get to and from classes if paying for gas is too expensive for them.

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