• Health Comes First

    The American government spends far too much on other things that are not as important as the health of citizens. Why do we need more tanks for our military when we have plenty? Why do we give so much to other nations. Let's put ourselves first when it comes to health.

  • Healthcare is a luzury in America!

    Yes, The Government should provide healthcare to it's citizens. for the fact that every citizen at one time or another has contributed to society in one way or another. We have prisoners that are currently getting free healthcare who do nothing but contribute to the problems in society. Yet if you go and commit a crime you can get access to all medical care and needs for doing wrong in life, However the American person that obeys all the laws and such is not promised to get any kind of healthcare coverage at all in this life. One person who does the right thing in this life is denied access to affordable, low cost healthcare. However, the prisoner who has more than likely been in and out of the system has easier access to healthcare. The message that America sends to the American people is that in order to be provided any type of healthcare you have to commit a crime in order to get your health issues addressed and this is more of a burden on the citizens than the ones who desperately need it. The prisoner who eats, sleeps, has a free gym membership, all the perks of being in the system has more rights than the average citizen who pays taxes, obeys the laws and does the right thing is denied coverage for healthcare in general. We give it to the outcasts in society and say screw you to the person that has worked for their money, yet their job doesn't provide they don't qualify for the medicaid program, yet they have a condition that the insurance companies decide they don't want you to have their coverage in general. So you have this person going back and forth to the emergency room which costs more money instead of getting the screenings they need on a yearly basis.

  • America is Ob-est

    If we keep eating that mcdonalds or we don't eat that salad becasue we dont want to whats going to happen? You are going to die faster your going to be at high risk to get sick and your children will see that and think that its normal. I believe that the government should provide us that health insurance and to help keep us healthy!.

  • The Government Should Provide Healthcare

    The government should provide health care to its neediest citizens, and those who cannot help themselves. The government should provide access to health care, not just make laws which lower the cost of health care and demand that people go on a certain insurance. Insurance is a scam, especially for health care. The government should protect its citizens and reward those who are healthy.

  • Yes, they should.

    America has enough money that it can assure that it's neediest citizens don't have to suffer without healthcare. It is an embarrassment that we were one of the last developed countries to try to do something about the lack of health care coverage. Even though things are better now than they were in the past, there is still work to be done.

  • Yes, the government should provide healthcare.

    The government has an obligation to provide health care to the people that live in this country. The health care can be paid for by the taxes that we pay throughout the year. This should be more then enough money to provide health care to the people that live in this country today.

  • The government should provide health care.

    The government should provide health care. It is about time that the government did something for the American people for a change. There were a lot of people out there that could not get medical care because they could not afford medical insurance. It helps out a lot of people.

  • The government has an obligation to providing healthcare

    I believe that the government, if it should be obligated to provide anything, should provide health care for the people at the expense of more expendable programs. Aggressive military output should be on the backburner in comparison to what should be provided at home: simple health and good living healthcare.

  • Yes, health care should be universally available

    It is unfortunate that in our society health care is only affordable for some when we are all humans and equally need to attend to our health. Access to health care should not depend on ones economic position in a society that is set up to function in a way that people are economically unequal. Economic inequality is OK when it comes to cars and televisions, but there seems something inherently wrong when it comes to human lives.

  • Yes the government should provide health care to children, elderly, and the disabled

    The government should provide healthcare to those who truely need it. This includes the elderly because they are normally retired or unable to obtain an income that could cover the costs. Children of low-income families should get government healthcare to help them thrive and grow into productive members of society. And lastly the disabled in our country are not able to obtain jobs to provide the income needed for healthcare, so they also should be approved for government funded healthcare.

  • Health care < economy

    Creating a health care for the people will make the taxes higher and the government is gonna have to pay a ton of money they don't have to buy medicines. What if some people doesnt even want health care? Its like forcing someone to stop drinking coca cola because it is unhealthy or to stop eating mcdonalds and eat more salad. Evidence at monchocardoze.Com

  • No but there should be universal health care

    I think it is a bad misnomer to say that the government will provide health care. I think that we should have a universal health care system where people pay taxes and then do not have to pay for their own health care at the time of procedures or medical need.

  • Are You Serious?

    Paying for "universal health care" (people pay through taxes) is one thing. The government providing a good or service is another.

    Since when has the government ever been effective at providing a quality service? Are we satisfied with public schools? The crumbling public roads? The post office? Amtrak? And now we will make this entity provide our health care? That sounds like a horribly awful proposition.

    The private sector can provide health care at a more affordable price and at a better quality than government. This is because the private sector has private management, the greatest flexibility and innovation, and competition.

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