• Where do you draw the line.

    Government should at the very least make healthcare accessible and affordable to all of its citizens and the means in how the government achieves this, doesn't really matter to me so long as everyone is covered. The idea of monetizing every aspect of our society is really sickening to me. I bet if people had the capability to somehow sell their own souls you would have a some knuckle heads out there that would actually participate in that. Where do you draw the line in the sand when it comes to making money? Not everything should be for profit or have a bottom line attached to it like the prison system for starters the idea of making for profit prisons is absolutely absurd to me because now you have people who have a vetted interest in keeping people behind bars. The same applies to the healthcare industry, its not about finding cures or fixing problems but rather treating the symptoms so you have a repeat customer to buy your drugs and medications Hey I have a question for you whens the last time you heard of disease being cured? The only one I can remember is polio and that was cured in the 1940's or 1950's I believe. Maintaining a for profit healthcare system only makes healthcare providers and insurance agencies rich and as a consequence screws those who can't afford it.

  • Healthcare should be free

    Healthcare should be free for everyone and anyone because not just rich should live a healthy life style. Without free healthcare humans will slowly fade away. If the government does not provide free healthcare then who`s going to help a mother give birth to her little child? Who`s going fix an infants broken leg or is he going to be left there to die from pain?

  • The gouvernment should provide Healthcare

    I agree because healthcare is a really important thing, imagine if we don't have any healthcare, human kinds will soon be extinguish out of existence, you wouldnt want that would you? If the gouvernment doesn't provide healthcare then who will? Would you like to get sick and there was no healthcare, you would soon die. Would you like that? Well I can go on all day but I haven't got that much time.

  • Government should not provide healthcare - that is not the role of government.

    Government should not be involved in providing healthcare for it's citizens. This is a black-hole approach to governance - maybe I should make a list of all my needs, (shelter, water, food, and wants like transportation, a cell phone, access to internet, etc.) and expect taxpayers to foot the bill for these things? Paying for all the many varying needs of a country's individuals would bankrupt the government - and you don't need to look far to find that going on around the world. Government's role should only go as far as providing justice, regulating currency, common defense and infrastructure. There are very few, if any, government-run programs that are models of efficiency and common sense, or well-managed and solvent. Why would anyone expect something as critical and complex as healthcare to fare better in the hands of a bureaucratic behemoth? Can anyone say, "16 trillion and rocketing"? It boggles the mind to imagine how inadequate they are to the task. When our family gives to an organization, we research to determine how much of each dollar actually finds it's way to those we intended to help. I don't know the statistics, but government isn't someone I would willingly entrust money to. It can't possibly find it's way past the regulations, paying for government buildings, salaries, benefits and red tape to make it to the one in need! We would be so much better served if the powers that be had worked to systematically improve and fix our existing healthcare system by malpractice reform, or letting your insurance go with you if you switch employers, like auto insurance. If government can't implement positive change in these and other small ways, what makes anyone think they will be able to rebuild 1/6th of our economy from the ground up? Because that is what is happening. In the name of helping a (large) handful of people, we are taking away coverage from many, many handfuls of people, wrecking the system and destroying any hope of having meaningful change. Also, please note that these same "leaders" have exempted themselves from this travesty they call "care". This is what big government does - and one of so very, very many reasons that we are fools for voting into office those who would even consider for a moment that government should be the source of supplying our every need. I don't want government "helping" me in this way. Set the field fairly. Then get out of my way and I can be strong enough to help others. It would be great to hand over all my responsibilities to another entity and not "worry" about things, but I don't want peace in exchange for liberty, much less free (are you kidding!? Nothing. Is. Free.) anything.

  • Government should not provide healthcare, only subsidize it .

    Healthcare works best when you don't have to wait 8 hours in an Emergency Room. Healthcare should be provided by private companies for profit, as this decreases people coming to get an MRI, for example, for stupid reasons. The government should not provide healthcare, only subsidize it for the poor on a low cost insurance scheme. ( maybe $4.00 a month for an 80% subsidy )

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