• Yes, it should be provided

    It is certain that marijuana can treat some diseases or at least improve symptoms. The problem is that marijuana has been misused for a long time now. That has probably caused the people to react negatively on medical marijuana. There are, of course, some side effects, but there are also side effects for any other medicine. Marijuana can be a substitute for many drugs, and it is, at least, natural. Of course, it should be regulated by law and medical centers so that abuse of marijuana could be avoided.

  • Regulation is Key

    Marijuana should be treated like any other drug. It's risks and benefits analyses, it has been found that it does provide pain relief for some patients. Given that extreme side effects like death are extremely unlikely, there is no reason this drug should not be made available. However, given the risks, strict regulation to prevent misuse should become a priority.

  • The government should not provide medicinal marijuana

    The government has no responsibility to provide medicinal marijuana to patients as it does not offer other drugs free of charge to consumers. Americans pay hefty prescription fees and co-pays for other medicines and if marijuana is legalized for medicinal use it should be treated in the same way as any other medicine.

  • No, I do not think the government should provide medical marijuana.

    No, I do not think the government should provide medical marijuana because marijuana is very addictive and seen as a gateway drug by many people. Although marijuana has some positive affects for people suffering from cancer and glaucoma, marijuana is going to be abused by many people if the government begins providing medical marijuana.

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