• Yes, No, Maybe?

    If the person puts in the work for looking for employment that person should be awarded, So you do you and I do I. So now you go out there and chase your dreams, Goodbye now now

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  • Only in moderation

    I that benefits should be supplied if the unemployed person can prove that they are actively looking for employment.
    If somebody is looking for a job but cannot find an appropriate decision then the government should supply a certain amount of money to get them by until the can find the employment that can earn them enough of their own money.

  • Yes, they should.

    It should not be for to long, but yes a government should provide unemployment benefits. Some people lose their job and don't have the means to take care of their family anymore. These people should not have to suffer while they are looking for a new job to support their family's.

  • Yes, I think the Government should provide unemployment benefits.

    I think overall the Government should provide unemployment benefits if someone gets laid off, that person still has bills to pay and a family to provide for job or no job so I feel the Government should provide some assistance until that individual finds a new job, I think there needs to be limits on rules on the aid given out though.

  • It good for the economy

    People do not understand how vital unemployment benefits are. They think it is just another government handout allowing people to sit on their butt while they get paid. The problem is people worked for those benefits and did not ask to get laid off. Right now, there is 3 people applying for one job. It takes some time to find a new job. Unemployment benefits make sure people do not have to sleep in the streets. It does no one any good if most of our capable work force is homeless.

  • yes they should

    yes, i think that it is a real good thing for the government to provide the people some form of help for when they lose their job. This is a way that will make the people who just got fired from a place that can pay the people a little.

  • Yall dumb af

    It just makes more sense for people to have to work or themselves. People can say that they have been working hard to find a job but if they have been jobless for a year than there is no excuses. Highschoolers are able to find a job a lot easier than adults. Lmao

  • No, people who are unemplyed should have saved for such a time and find another job.

    No, it is unfair for those who work hard at their job to get paid minimum wage, yet someone at home who is doing nothing gets paid more. Getting paid from the government for not having a job, almost makes it seem like its a perk or an incentive to be unemployed.

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