• Everyone Deserves Healthcare

    It lowers the costs of health care for the economy.
    When a system of universal health care is in place, The government is able to leverage the size of the medical market to negotiate better pricing structures. That lowers the cost of care because services and medication tend to be lower. Although doctors and pharmaceutical agencies may receive less compensation per service or item, Health care spending, As a portion of the GDP, Goes down. It reduces administrative costs for care access. Within a private-pay system, Health insurers have administrative costs which are built into the expenditures required of patients for care access. Medical practitioners have higher administrative costs as well. When a universal system of health care is in place, The administrative requirements become simplified. Instead of dealing with multiple agencies, There is only one agency to bill. It simplifies the rules process. In the United States, An insurance company may stipulate that they approve of services before they are given to a patient. That means if a doctor thinks an MRI may be needed to diagnose a medical issue, The insurance company must first approve of the service. If the MRI is given without their consent, Then they may be able to place the cost of the service on the patient, Even if the service is covered under the insurance policy. It removes the competition. The U. S. Health care system targets the wealthy. The system of care offers services that are expensive, Which allows them to pay doctors more. They funnel money into research and development to create new services to offer, Then price it outside of the spectrum of the average person. The goal of any for-profit business is to make money. If health care is put into a for-profit system, Then patient care focuses more on those who can pay and less on those who cannot. It creates a workforce that is healthier. In the United States, 46% of patients went to the emergency room for medical services because that was the only place they could afford to go before the Affordable Care Act was implemented. That is because an emergency room is obligated by law to care for people, Whether they can afford to pay or not. With universal health care, There is a greater emphasis placed on preventative care. When people can be proactive about their health, The need for emergency interventions decreases. It helps children. When children are able to get the care they require for good health, It builds a foundation for future success. Children who have access to health education and care resources are less likely to get involved with crime, Take advantage of welfare programs, Or deal with chronic health issues as an adult

  • Yes it will help businesses grow

    Many people have trouble affording universal health care. When they spend that much money on it, they have less money to use on groceries, rent, and customer goods. Meaning less money goes back into to economy. Thus, health care stops our country from being the best it could ever be.

  • Yes, health care is a human right and we can afford it

    The U.S, is the only industrialized nation that doesn't consider health care a basic right of its citizens. Obamacare is a step in the right direction, but he should have proposed Medicare for all. It is insane that people are dying or living stunted lives because they can't pay for the health care they need. If companies like Verizon or Exxon Mobil paid a mere 10% of their profits in taxes, instead of paying no taxes at all, we could easily fun universal health care.

  • Yes, universal health care would benefit the country

    Countries with universal health care systems not only pay less per person for health care, they also have better health care outcomes. So, its cheaper and better. People wouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt if they got sick> Anyone could simply get their medical problems taken care of without any concern about payment.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the government should provide universal health care. I think the government should also implement price control across the whole medical system. We should also offer free educations to those that want to learn to practice. These are services everyone in the country needs. We need to fix this system and we need to do it now.

  • No not really

    If healthcare was non profit and a guaranteed service, I don't think there would be enough innovation to keep up with the mutation rate that we would face. We should provide wellness centers that require membership and participation to receive any kind of government assistance, whether that be financial or benefits. This unchecked use of securtiy nets will be our downfall.

  • No, I don't think Government should provide universal health care.

    I think the cost of providing universal health care would be too much for the Government to handle, the Governmnet has already run programs like Medicare and Medicaid into the group and I don't think we should be trusting the Government to be able to run a competent universal health care program.

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