Should the government provide welfare to people over age 65 who need it?

  • Only If Necessary

    The government should give people over the age of 65 welfare and benefits, but only if they need it. Some elderly can't help it if they can't work due to disability or some physical malady. The retirement age is still 65 even though Social Security will be insolvent in the decades to come if something doesn't change.

  • They should recieve benefits

    Yes, the government should be required to provide welfare for those that are over the age of 65 and really need the help. They have worked most of their lives and have contributed to society and they should reap the benefits of their work. They may need some assistance seeing they have no income coming in.

  • Yes they should.

    The government should provide welfare to anyone of any age that needs it. People sometimes fall on hard times through no fault of their own and get punished for it rather than helped out. We need to help people find jobs, encourage them to do their best, and show them their options, not kick them while they are down.

  • The government should provide welfare to people over the age of 65 who need it.

    The government should provide welfare to people over the age of 65 who need it.The government already provides welfare to people who are of a good working age, and don't need the welfare. The government should most certainly provide welfare to the elderly who need it much more than younger people who can find work much more easily.

  • Yes it should

    People over 65 are getting to point where they may not be able to work anymore or may not be able to work full time. They may easily still live another 30 years and they do need access to some sort of financial support. This of course should depend on their income and assets!

  • No, It Should Not

    There are many programs for people aged 65 and older. If the individual worked and paid into social security, then they should obviously be obtaining that benefit. The welfare programs of the past are gone and have either been eliminated or replaced with more specific programs. Welfare no longer exists, other than rent assistance and food stamps, which in general terms are already available to people aged 65 and older, if they qualify.

  • The Federal Government Should Not Provide Welfare

    Assuming that the question refers to the federal government, I oppose. I am of the persuasion that the federal government should not provide welfare to anyone, rather welfare needs should be handled at a state level. If the question referred to state government then I don't have a strong opinion, I tend to think if the 65 year old was able to keep working then he should keep working. Otherwise, maybe.

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