Should the government push the envelope when it comes to building larger, heavier, and stronger aircraft?

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  • No need for heavier government aircraft

    Technology is moving towards unmanned drones piloted from thousands of miles away and towards intelligent missiles that can destroy their targets precisely with little manpower. There is no more need for huge hunks of metal which cost money and require constant maintenance. Like Battleships before, heavy aircrafts are a thing of the past.

  • The technology pushes into smaller, not larger

    Technology gets smaller. Computers are smaller. What we could do with a Apple IIc is nothing compared to what people can do with a smart phone. Drone airplanes are smaller than current aircraft. Smaller drones can spy on people; body cameras can relay what cops are doing, instead of using those clunky and large video cameras from the seventies.

  • No, the positives do not outweigh the negatives.

    No, the government should no push to implement larger, heavier, stronger aircraft. While I understand that larger aircrafts would be able to accommodate a much greater number of passengers than is currently accommodated, I think that due to the airport renovations that would be required, it doesn't make sense to do it.

  • Can We Build Our Way to Security?

    Some believe that the only way to protect the United States from terrorism is to build bigger, stronger, heavier aircraft in order to quash evil-minded militants from the air. But such endeavors seem misdirected in the face of what we know about terrorism. We need to start by establishing better means of surveillance of terrorist activities. We need to cut off financial resources that will keep terrorists states from growing. Bigger aircraft will not solve this problem.

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