Should the government put tougher policies on fast food companies and schools to reduce childhood obesity ?

Asked by: ibsa
  • Fast Food is Fat

    I say yes because it is making kids obese and some kids don't get enough exercise and it is making kids even lazier than they already are . More than fifty percent of kids are obese because of fast food restaurants . They supersize their McDonald meals . Stand with me!

  • Food doesn't make people obese, people do

    Its not the food that's making people obese, its people. People know the fast-food isn't healthy yet they still consume large amounts of it. People tend to believe when fast-food franchises say that they lower the calories in their food so they think it's okay to consume more than you need giving you more fat

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Vere_Mendacium says2015-05-07T11:10:43.817
No, unless you wanna pay more taxes, then sure, pay away... This job is left to 'parents'
Felony_Jayne says2015-07-16T12:26:58.967
Fast food is generally unhealthy. All food and beverage items are required to have nutritional info available for the consumer - usually on the product packaging. It's very easy to read and understand.

Nobody can blame personal ignorance on anyone but themselves. We all know that eating deep fried foods and carbs are not good for us. There aren't many North Americans who can't access the internet or a library to learn about how to eat balanced diets.

Fast food is cheap, but cooking meals at home from scratch is by far cheaper than buying fast food. Look up low budget recipes online and you'll get hundreds of meal ideas instantly.

People don't need babysitters to tell them what they already know. Fast food restaurants shouldn't be blamed for other people's gluttony. It's not up to Burger King to teach you and your children that french fries aren't healthy.