Should the Government raise the federal minimum wage?

Asked by: bjjurgenson
  • It is neccesary

    Actual wage is not enough.
    Current wage is equivalent to less of 30k USD in annual income and those just achieves for food and minimal life conditions.
    It is justice the raise of minimun wage. A big porcentage of laboral mass is earning this level of wage. Those workers represents the support of this economic system.

  • No where near enough money to live.

    Back in the day, before all the price went up minimum wage was fine. Now though, it is harder to live with just minimum wage. Most people who have minimum wage jobs dont have their own house, have to ride public transport etc etc. This could be raised just a little and the prices would not raise that much

  • No they should not.

    Eventually it will balance out to the same issiue, people making more money means companies paying just the minimum or selling more expensive products to pay their workers, or getting rid of workers and replacing with machines. If any of you socialist understood economics you would know this already though. What should be done is a rebalance of our economy so that the current minimum wage is enough for someone to support themselves.

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