Should the government regulate air conditioner usage?

  • To save the environment

    Air con usage can release huge amours of carbon dioxide into the air. This can cause global warming.
    Global warming can melt the arctic, witch will make the ocean levels rise. All of the close to shore- house would drown. Also, it will cause many animals and people to have to adapt.

  • People need to conserve energy and stop wasting it!

    Yes! I've been on several islands for vacation - Florida as well - all residents abuse the use of air condition. Walk along the stores around Time Square or even local retail shops in Puerto Rico - many of them blast the AC on high and leave the front doors wide open - wasting energy or the concept of conserving energy. The use of air condition needs to be regulated!

  • No they should not

    Global warming is caused by the ocean temp. Changing not because of the carbon dioxide which maks about 0.01% of the air. This is the proble with regulating anything its jobs, if you stop all mines to stop mining the electric price will go up so much. Air conditions are good. They make jobs and they keep our houses warm or cold

  • Too Hot in Summer

    Government needs to give another solution when we regulate the amount of air conditioning. It is too hard for the citizens to find another solution if we regulate air conditioning. Therefore, I strongly believe that the amount of air conditioning should not be regulated since there isn't a soulution for it.

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