• Of course, hold them accountable for the best interest of the American public.

    We are constantly plagued on T.V on the causes of smoking as on the average human being, and how it leads to an early grave, but the truth is, there is a correlation between the two, however, it's not confirmed, what I mean is, some chain smokers won't contract lung cancers, as other small time smokers will. As is the case with fast food, which debilitates and clogs each and every individual with fatty foods and preservatives. Now, I'm going to go out on limb and proclaim that the fast food industry is causing more harm then ciggarette companies.
    My opinion?
    The pillaging and destruction of animal livestock, now I'm not a vegetarian, we needed meat to evolve and become were we are today, I'm not doubting that. But that was with the forced and regular exercise of the average life back in those hard, tough days of old, now we have our electric scooters, so we can put that extremely painful task of walking behind us. But overall, like nearly every human being in this current capitalist society, we thrive on others vices, this vice however destroys the land, animals, people and our health. And what have they received for their disregard for human health?
    Nothing, absolutely nothing. They've successfully impregnated the media with their 'fun' and 'care free' attitude, hoping and praying on peoples ignorance laziness. It's about time the mindless masses have woken up and smelled the fresh air, or the foul stench of the fattening meat shoved into their nostrils by these corporations. I'm not asking for a ban, i'm just asking for them to be held in the same standard of smoking.

  • For the Children

    Fast food can't be regulated for anyone right now and what are we seeing? Herds of obese children because they eat what their parents eat. Fast food is a lifestyle choice that we are instilling on our children. Drastic measures are needed before it becomes too late. America has not done anything to protects its people.

  • Yes they should.

    If people are too stupid to understand they are absolutely destroying their body and can't make a wise decision, they need to be told the right decision. It's practically like using drugs; it ruins your body, but with fast food you don't even get high. I'm not condoning the legalization of hard drugs, but if the government has the right to regulate drugs, it might as well regulate fast food. I'm for an altogether ban, but the definition for what constitutes fast food is so ambiguous that it would be nearly impossible to place a ban. Fast food should at least have an enormous sin tax to combat the increased health problems it causes and the way it makes our country look absolutely disgustingly obese.

  • It would decrease the obesity rate and help people live longer and be happier

    The government controls our taxes, why not fast food? Maybe they could put taxes on fast food! That would certainly help. It would eventually teach people the hard way just how bad fast food is. So what if it's the people's choice? I mean, who wants to be fat? Maybe some people don't know how bad it is... And if they do and don't care, well they would just have to spend more money to get what they want... That's how I think we could solve this problem.

  • Yes, Yes, and YES!

    Regulations are something most companies frown upon. But without them, and after everyone dies from obesity-related illness, who will they sell their poison to? Regulations are a necessary evil that keep everyone as honest as possible. If companies are only responsible to their shareholders and don't give a damn about the health and well-being of the country, where would that leave us? And they are not even being good parasites! All successful parasites keep the host alive. Without regulations, we die.

  • Yes, because it is very unhealthy!

    By eating fast food, people can get disabilities and other diseases. They can become unhealthy and malnourished. Fast food is the worst food ever to come up in American society. You may say it's taking away freedom but I say better healthy than unhealthy. People get obese, too. People get sick or die from fast food everyday. We as a community should do something about this!!!

  • Yes government should regulate fast food industries.

    The chemicals in fast food make a person become addicted. The stuff you are eating isn't fresh! Inside of McDonald's apple pie are duck feathers. Yes, the ingredients may be on the label but look up what the chemical really is. The chemicals in fast food mess with the leptin levels in your brain.

  • yeah are you kidding

    If they don't whats stopping these giant corporations from using awful ingredients that are extremely detrimental to your health. These companies love to find cost saving shortcuts at the expense of your health. Regulations keep them in check while providing food that isn't going to kill you if you live on it. Fast food will always be cheap regardless of regulations, the market is simply to competitive.

  • Sadly, yes.

    Although we do have the right to eat what we want, fast food is just too unhealthy. If anything, it should be regulated for children. It has become too easy for a kid to go to a McDonald's or Burger King and get a couple hundred calories worth of food in just a burger and fries. What's worse is that this all costs a couple of bucks. I don't mind having fast food once a week for lunch, but eating fast food everyday of the week for breakfast and lunch is just too much.

  • I do believe that fast food has become so prevalent, and is so unhealthy, that government should start regulating it.

    Fast food has become such a large industry and is now such a big part of people's diets. And, as a result, it is playing such a large role, not only in people's lives, but in their health, that the government has a responsibility to start regulating the industry for the safety of the citizens.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • The government should not interfere with people's free will and agency.

    Even God doesn't tell us what to eat...there are consequences though. If I eat garbage, I become garbage. Works for me. Thin the herd! The more people that kill themselves with bad choices, the fewer people I have to put up with. I do agree that the school systems need to do a better job educating the children and enforcing activities. When did physical fitness become second to art class? I love art, but fitness provides a much-needed life skill for everyone.

  • Fast food makes money

    Think about it, the average human eats fast food at least once a month. If you take that and multiply it by 3.5 miilion at least. Then you also have to take into account that the average cheese burger costs 1.00 dollars so they are really cheap. On top of that it tastes good.

  • Human Right to Choose What to Eat

    If the government can control what people eat then they can control what people do say or anything. I understand it is a problem but it is our right to eat what we want. There are other ways to influence healthy habits on society. This may sound bad but even if there were no fast food there would still be people on welfare and it would probably be the same people!

  • No

    This is America. It is the land and home of the FREE. If the government takes control over what we eat than what else are they going try and control. It is straight up communism. Also all fast food employees will lose there jobs which is not what we need right now in America.

  • No, the government should not be entitled to the decisions of U.S. citizens

    There is zero obligation regarding fast food consumption. No human being has been choked to death for not eating fast food. Plus, it is only a travesty when an individual solely burdens self with this habit and diet. It does leave the government in a tight spot, but I argue it is not the government's problem regarding health care. The government should be in service for the people of the U.S. But is the system taken serious or is it taken advantage of? I never asked to pay for a gluttonous tubalub who does not take care of their body because of emotionaldistress. Everybody has stress, but should others suffer on their behalf?

  • I believe that the government should not regulate fast food, we live in a free country so we should be able to do what we want.

    I'd be the first person to tell you that many Americans are overweight and have numerous heath problems due to fast food addictions, even I have the need for the occasional 'greasy fix', but when it comes right down to it, being American means that we have the freedom to make those types of decisions for ourselves. I truly believe that the government has bigger things to worry about than what I want to eat.

    Posted by: C0rnGet
  • The government should not be able regulate fast food because the theory of laissez faire.

    I believe that governments should not be able to regulate companies that produce fast food. This is because it is up to the consumer of what they want to eat, and if they decide to eat fast food, they know that the consequences of eating too much is bad for them. If they decide to eat it every day, it is definitely not the government's problem to see what foods their people eat and what they do not eat. It is solely up to the company to come out with healthier foods which taste the same as the normal food but are less in the amount of calories, fat calories, etc.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • The government should not regulate fast food.

    Unfortunately fast food is a big industry. There are many people who take advantage of the quick meal option and obesity in our country shows it. However, I don't feel that government should have any hand in the regulations of it. There is no harm that one can cause to another person by eating fast food. The only person that can be harmed is the person eating the food and we make our own choices. I don't agree with the statement that "fast food made me fat". It was not the food that caused the was the fact that the individual chose to eat it. At least in America individuals have the right to chose what they eat and if it is fast food that we chose then we should face our own consequences.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • What comes next?

    If you give up one freedom because you think its just a little thing like what to eat and heck we could use the help - then what's next? Giving up a small freedom leads to giving up another small freedom, say like privacy on the internet, heck let the government be more intrusive and track where you go and what you do, its for security, maybe you really don't know what internet sites are really good for you, like you can't pick you own food. There goes freedom of choice and freedom of privacy. What next--lets see--oh, heck we like Mexico allot, tacos, burritos, yum - wait that is if its okay to eat, but hey lets drop the boarders and let anyone in, they deserve a good life, heck let them have the jobs we just don't want to do, good for them. That is 2 freedoms gone and 1 right gone- freedom of choice and privacy and the right to defend our boarders/security. Rolling your eyes at me - "oh how freaking paranoid can you get" - not so, socialist and communist countries all started that way. Look at the history of Russia, china, and what happened in Hitler's Germany - it all started with small changes, giving up rights to government till the government grew so large and powerful that it took over everything. The citizens thought in the terms of: my government wouldn't do that to me, couldn't do that to me, but they could and they did because the citizens fell for the promises of politicians that said "we will take care of you, we care about you, trust us" - don't trust - don't be greedy and want free living - it puts chains on you that take years and maybe never to get back off!

  • Government isn't the solution to the problem government is the problem.

    It's hard to imagine what the average citizen would do if government suddenly abandoned its overly nurturing approach to every social ill. I suppose that would mean that people would have to develop self reliance skills centered on personal responsibilities for one's actions. Anyone who doesn't know that the average fast food restaurant does not serve health food is truly oblivious to reality. Government should only exist to serve two major purposes: Ensuring the security of the nation from threats and paving roads. Unfortunately, we live in a society that adheres to the notion of entitlement. Many seek ?free? government handouts that are funded through higher taxes. If anyone has visited a local DMV Office or mailed a package with the post office they know that the government cannot oversee the simplest of tasks. What makes anyone think that government can run the personal lives of 330 Million Americans?

    Posted by: snuggle muffin

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Anonymous says2013-07-29T03:58:08.380
I am torn between these two because yes I think it does interfere with the freedom to choose what you want. However I feel people don't care about their health until it is too late. People do need to know what they are eating, and posting the calorie content and some of the Ingredients is not enough information. They should be forced to list everything they use; just like they regulated to food they buy in the store, and if you don't know what it is you should look it up and find the answer. After all it is your health, and it’s better not to wait until a problem arises that you could have prevented.

What we need to get across to people is how they switch the ingredients around to make them sound healthier than they actually are; they are high in sodium and fat. You do need’s these in your diet but not at the percentage that the fast food chains serve them. In conclusion, if people cannot do the appropriate amount of research behind how to keep their kids and their selves healthy then the government will stand in because you can’t solve your own problems.