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  • It would be beneficial to all.

    Really we need to set oil prices, that a controlling factor to fuel pricing, we have so much oil, we don't need to let other countries set our prices. By setting a Barrel of oil to a fair price ($60 to $70) that would keep the oil companies making money and Hopefully putting people back to work, that would also keep fuel prices in the mid $2.00 range which our economy could afford. With more people going to ONG that's going to help our country Big Time, All Government, State, City vehicles need to be ONG led the way to helping our Mother Earth. NO FRACKING

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  • Gas prices are to high

    I think that gas prices are to high gas prices are about 2 to 3 dollars a gallon. Lets say you have 16 dollars for food and you need gas 8 gallons of it there goes your 16 dollars for food. Gas prices should be lower because food is more inportent then gas.

  • Regulate the gas price

    The gas prices should be regulated because then we know how much we need to full up our tank. As well as the fact that if the gas prices keep going up rather than down then we are in trouble cause minimum wage is just that, minimum, your barely getting paid for how much you work

  • Support our government

    The government is set up for the good of the people, because as most of us are aware, any one individual cannot effectively run a nation. Regulation does not mean that everything will be bad. Coming up with a set price for gas was probably viewed the same way as minimum wage. But as we know, without a minimum wage, businesses could work employees like slaves and pay them next to nothing. The government would make sure that surplus and shortage was kept at a minimum.

  • We should regulate, not the government.

    We need a say in this nation. We need to be able to show them that we know what were doing. WE, the people, need to be able to have some type of understanding in this nation. Most of our citizens think we shouldn't because there being too lazy, which is why our government does everything for us and then we end up complaining about it later.

  • Set the Price For Gas

    Let the government regulate it, because the big wig oil companies do rip off the public more than any other business in the United States. They think they have all the power, but in reality they don't. Regulations are required in this day and time for a new era to come about where people don't have to use fossil fuels, so I say let our government regulate it.

  • Regulate the Gas prices

    If you do this it will make things better. People could budget better. I don't know from one week to another how much I have to put aside for gas. I commute 100 miles a day. This is what a lot of people do. Please regulate GAS. Its best for everyone. Thanks.

  • Peer Pressure Made Me Do it

    This is what the majority chose. Now I just have to write more words so that it will let me submit my "argument" that TOTALLY isn't wasting your time trying to find a meaningful argument. I you made it this far, good job. This argument is better than some of the opposing opinions because mine has correct grammar and spelling you nerd.

  • Peer Pressure Made Me Do it

    This is what the majority chose. Now I just have to write more words so that it will let me submit my "argument" that TOTALLY isn't wasting your time trying to find a meaningful argument. I you made it this far, good job. This argument is better than some of the opposing opinions because mine has correct grammar and spelling you nerd.

  • It would bring us back to the 70's

    The government tried this before and it failed. The government intervention caused the situation to become worse. The fact is the government intervention caused and will cause nothing good to come from the set oil price. This will cause an imbalance of supply and demand that will do more harm then good.

  • That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard

    Why would the government regulate the gas rices, if they regulate and if the money is to high the small single owner gas station gets no customers because of the price they will run out of business, people who need gas and the gas is the same at all places they are going to go to a more fancy gas station and get their gas there rather than going to a small gas station that has the same price. Owners of a gas station should be able to regulate the price of the gas that they provide to their customers because it is their gas station, they pay to keep that gas station and they have rights to be owning that gas station, so I believe that they should be able to set their own gas prices.

  • No, it will diminish gasoline supply and eliminate competition.

    If the government puts a set price on gasoline it will rapidly decrease our gas supply if it is too low or if it's too high it'll make it to where no one can afford gas. In addition it will decrease benefits to consumers caused by competition between gas companies.

  • NO The government should not regulate the gas prices

    No, I believe that the government shouldn’t regulate the price of gasoline. The free market economy allows for the consumers to influence the price which could help us in many ways. The price should very from every place because every place is different and has its own needs. Lower income families don’t have to pay that much but if the government gets to control the price it might make the price skyrocket which makes it harder to pay for the gas. For example, if the government set $70 as the gas price and poor countries like Haiti would not be able to afford which would bring down tis economy. Also, if the government regulates gas prices it would defeat the purpose of a free market economy. Whenever resources are scarce, demand exceeds supply and prices are driven up. The effect of such a price rise is to discourage demand and conserve resources. This can be seen in the market for oil. As oil slowly runs out, its price will rise helping keep the economy stable but if the government keeps it the same we will run out quicker and who knows what would happen then. This is shown like when a market starts with a stable equilibrium, where demand equals supply. A supply shock reduces supply at each and every price, the price is now forced up to a new price then demand and supply are brought into equilibrium through a contraction of demand. Some might say that more people would be able to afford it if the government regulates the prices but the government would just make the prices higher to try to conserve gas which would stop lower income families from being able to afford gas. But as stated above since we are a free market economy the price depends on the place.

  • Higher pricing leads to lower demand

    Higher pricing almost always leads to lower demand. Modern capitalist society is based on this rule (in addition to many other rules of economics). Petrol, oil, and gas products are not similar to food, water, and medical care: there are substitutes. The current market for gas can migrate to other areas such as many renewable sources or public transportation. The government stepping in, in this case, would lead to a drawn-out withdrawal from gas into renewable energy when the opposite should be encouraged.

  • Companies rely on competing prices and would ruin the industry if the prices were regulated

    Fuel should not be regulated because there would be no point of going to different gas stations and they would all have the sames prices. It could also make fossil fuels less abundant because every one would be buying from different gas stations and there would need to be more oil to go to all the gas stations.

  • No, I think not.

    How would you be able to look for the lowest priced gas? Exactly you can't. How do you know that the government will set a low price? You don't. All prices would be the same and you would have to pay that amount, even if it is too high. In town, gas is 2.05 a gallon Out of town gas is 1.87 a gallon. Just a few cents can break a person.

  • I believe the government should not regulate gas prices

    If the government regulates gas prices it would defeat the purpose of a free market economy which, is what we had here in the U.S. Oil companies are creating their own competition with each other, and to regulate and destroy this market is agents the free market economy. The price of oil should very from location, if the price of oil is set nationwide then you can’t expect a company to make a profit. Oil should cost more inland then on the cost because of all the extra expenses it takes to get the product to the consumer. If we want to go back to a free market economy then gas should not be regulated.

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