• Lunches Should Be Regulated

    The government needs to regulate lunches. We need to make sure that students have a nice variety of options for lunch. More importantly, they need to make sure that their are nutritional options and that both students and parents are aware of them. I don't mind the government getting involved.

  • Kids cant choose their own foods

    If the government stopped regulating school lunches, kids would only choose unhealthy foods. Because of the government, kids are eating healthier. Don't let your kids become obese! Support the Government! I believe the government is helping kids and you should too! Click Yes and help support the 32%. Thank You.

  • Students Support It!

    In my school, I took a survey asking the students if they enjoyed the lunches that the government controlled. About 81% of the students said that they enjoyed the lunches. I told them about the people who didn't like the lunches and I quote from them, "They should be happy they have a lunch, some aren't as fortunate."

  • Yes it should

    The government should regulate what students eat at school because ,when student see food at school they get attracted.Even if they are on diet.If the government regulates the food ,students wont get attracted and eat a too much .A lot of kids eat nasty foods because they see them and get attracted like me tried to get on diet but i can`t. I get attracted.

  • Regulations, yes please.

    The biggest argument against this I read on the No column is that the students don't like it and throw it all away and go home hungry. I think I can see the problem here. If you are hungry => you should eat your food. Back in my day we were concerned that the hamburger patties were made of newspaper.

    On a more reasonable side, your school board decides what food is served. The Feds just regulate the nutritional concentrations of the food. So if you have a problem with what food is served then take it up with the school board.

  • I say yes

    I say yes because schools cant tell kids how much to take but they can say here's what were serving so kids could just take a plate full of mashed potatoes and that's not right so yes I really do think that the government should regulate kids school lunches. Thank you

  • Government Should Regulate School Lunches

    Child obesity is a rising crisis in our nation. Michelle Obama had a great idea starting the My Healthy Plate plan. We cannot afford to have the children of our nation eating the high-sodium, high-fat, and low-fiber meals that are found in most cafeterias. Fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, sugary foods, etc. There is nothing healthy about any of those things. The human brain cannot function on a diet like that. How can we expect our children to perform in schooling at optimal rates with a bad diet?
    And yes, maybe we should ban sugar from our children's diets. It does nothing good for them.
    If the government does not stipulate the quality of school foods, no one else will.

  • Yes.The food is unhealthy.

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  • Well .... The governments regulation...I don't know.

    They made pizza a vegetable.I mean...Really?! Broccoli would work just fine.Or a salad bar would be nice.We need a green veggie a fresh fruit like an apple not a fruit cup.As well as a protein and a grain.So yes we need regulation but they need to figure out what to consider a healthy choice.

  • Well .... The governments regulation...I don't know.

    They made pizza a vegetable.I mean...Really?! Broccoli would work just fine.Or a salad bar would be nice.We need a green veggie a fresh fruit like an apple not a fruit cup.As well as a protein and a grain.So yes we need regulation but they need to figure out what to consider a healthy choice.

  • Many students are still growing.

    Without the proper calorie intake students, and kids cannot grow. I completely disagree with the regulations that the government is putting on the school lunches. Coming from a fellow student I go to school get good grades, then I don't eat the lunches and go home hungry. I am an athlete and I do not support the regulations on school lunches.

  • The food is nasty!

    With athletes it's hard to get the food that we need to sustain our bodies when we are only allowed so much food, especially if the food is gross because then we don't eat it and it's just a waste for all that food and controversy. I know that with me personally I eat about 30% of the my food and throw the rest away! It is just plain nasty and I'm tired of it. When I come to school I expect a good meal that I will ENJOY!

  • Absolutely not. Michelle Obama is wrong!

    Kids can eat what they want to eat. It's not the government's job to tell kids what they can and can't eat, it's the parent's. Parents need to be more aware of what their kids are eating in school, not the government. Michelle Obama is ruining my school lunches with her stupid healthy plan.

  • The Government Should Not Be in Control of our lunches!

    The government should not be in control of lunches, because even if they cut down the food we eat people will eat even more food and consume more calories! So if people are going to eat more because their cutting down the food we eat, whats the pointof cutting the food budget?

  • No! No! No!

    I can't believe they would do this. The schools are making a lot less money from lunch accounts because the kids are bringing there own lunches every day. Soon the government will be broke and it's their fault and their fault only. Kids should eat what they want. The next thing you know they're going to ban sugar all together! STOP THE REGULATON NOW!

  • It is Unfair

    Sure, it is very good to encourage healthy eating habits in school, but what about the other meal or two at home? See the problem with overweight children lies at home where they may have the option to eat what they choose. Also, about hungry athletes that require more calories?

  • Why? Why? WHY?!

    Okay this is just stupid stuff!!!! Kids are spending their money that their parents give them to get some lunch at school!! So why the hell would they have to be told what to buy?! This government is so messed up and now they just have to make even more mistakes

  • No institution should regulate your meals.

    What will be the next power grab in your family's life? They feed them lunches, in some areas breakfast, and are now talking about providing dinner. Where in all of this do they learn to shop, cook, eat, or prepare healthy food? In one generation parents and children will be completely dependent on the government to tell them what, where, and when to eat.

  • Regulated school food, just makes it cheaper and crappy, but more expensive.

    Having my years of grade school in perspective, I remember how the food got progressively disgusting. Why? More and more regulations are passed.

    Just because a food is under a certain calorie intake, does not mean its good food. All public schools buy frozen, pre made packaged foods with extreme amounts of preservatives, because it's cheap. Not only this but the price of this cheap, degrading food rose in price.

    Public schools with government lunch programs have not cooked a school meal since the 90's, you know who gets cooked meals, with proper nutrition? Prisons. That's right. The food at a prison is healthier for inmates then the food schools feed your kids.

    The only way a school government lunch is acceptable is if its free. When your paying the near same price everyday for fast food as you are for a crappy school lunch, it isn't worth it.

  • this is our problem not the governments

    All this rubbish they feed us at school is disgusting! We only had this big increase in obesity in the last couple of years and its not the governments job to fix it. If people could help themselves they wouldn't have the government doing it for them. I myself am underweight because of this food!

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Anonymous says2013-02-27T05:52:45.653
Well, I do believe children should try to become healthier, though it may take a biiiitttt of a change. They will soon learn how eating healthy is good for them though! :)
Anonymous says2013-07-01T18:23:51.270
This is not about teaching healthy habits, this is a power grab by the government. It is not just lunches that they will control. Already, breakfast is also being provided in some school districts with talk about providing dinner as well. When will kids ever be with their family. When will they be able to actually learn about eating healthy. I work with youth already and by the time they graduate they could not tell you what was healthy about the breakfast of the lunch that was provided. Now, this power grab will also take away opportunities to learn how to shop, how to grow food, how to prepare and cook food. Give it a generation and these kids that will become adults will not know how to shop, cook, or eat healthy. And they will blame the schools for not taking care of their kids. And guess what the government will be glad to step in and solve more issues that we have not foreseen yet. Soon enough, parents will not be allowed to raise kids. When will parents take the responsibility? When will we stop letting the government invent problems or at least convince us that they are the only ones that can solve it. Beware what you ask for by letting the government program take more control over the family life and your children's lives. They may not be able to take care of themselves and will be willing to give more power to the government than you already have. Say NO to regulated meals by the government.