• Yes to regulating the Internet.

    We tend to spend more time on the Internet than NEEDED, taking our time away from other things that need our attention such as: chores, repairs around the house, outdoor activities that would be beneficial to our health, and most importantly FAMILY. People are losing face to face interactions and our communications are becoming more impersonal. So yes, the government should regulate the Internet.

  • I hope so.

    There is a lot of garbage floating around the internet that is begging to be regulated. Most sites should just be deleted completely. Uneducated, illogical, mental case, bottom feeding, fecal matter of our society can put anything on the internet and anyone can see it. This greatly degrades the internet of any actual purpose. So yes, I agree. Our government should regulate the internet.

  • Absolutely, Positively, Yes!

    Imagine this: a five-year messing around on a computer clicks a random link by mistake. Moments later, this previously innocent child has been infiltrated with pornography. Do we really want to let this continue happening? I for one DO NOT!

    Another issue is the accessibility that everyone, including criminals, has to personal information. Identity theft is so easy nowadays with social media that I'm sure criminals are committing the easiest crimes ever! Web hacking, web viruses, etc. are another huge problem.

    We NEED the government to step in and help us not only in reality, but also in the virtual world.

  • Definitely need to

    A lot of people do pornography on the internet even when not searching for it. You do realize it ruins relations with you, your wife, and God the father, right? Pay attention to what you click on before you enter it in with unnecessary things you KNOW you should not do.

  • We should be careful about what "Regulation" means...

    No, I do agree with censorship of the internet. However, please read about how certain cities are faced with ISP monopolies, high prices, and poor service with unreasonable data caps. It already sounds like the ISPs are censoring us, by allowing their own content to have priority over other sites like Netflix and YouTube. These are the things that government should be regulating, so that the public gets efficient internet service, regular upgrades that these companies have already been overpaid for (i.E. Fiber-optic cable and speeds that other countries see for MUCH LESS money), and a bill that customers don't feel cheated over every month. Please take time to read about David Cay Johnston and his view on these issues.

  • Porn, Scams, Virus, ID theft, How to kill people, Societal ills

    Internet has its pros and cons. After weighing it out, If there was a vote to shut it down, I would vote "yes". The internet is really a big phone book for shopping and service. The rest is junk and people showing off. I propose you get some sort of cable box you hook up to your computer for subscriptions for research, Work, Banking, Youtube, Music, School, Etc. The box would be regulated by the government. All "free" sites (shopping, Not for profits, Public help, Medical, Government agencies, Etc. ) would be monitored/regulated/registered by the government for obscenity, Violence and national security. Don't give me garbage about censorship. Most entertainment and pop/contemporary art is garbage.

  • Its ya boi, skinny suhaas.

    I am a grape, and i love to sit in water a cultivate my voluptuous body into grape juice. Cows, cows, cows, I am a fruit, roses are red, violets are blue, I am brown, and so are you. All I have ever wanted was to take my neon colored clothes and burn them because they make me look stupid but my parents make me wear them and I want to die.

  • Yes they should

    Algorithms are a big part of how facebook operates their social media. They take all of the little things you do through their app and use that to target ads of what you may be interested in. But… that's not always the case in 2016 russia had sent an estimated value of $ 100,000
    In facebook ads during the US election. These algorithms then take the videos russia paid to advertise and targeted the people who would essentially be the most influenced by the video.
    Developers of these algorithms have said that they don't even understand their creations anymore. And these algorithms get bigger, faster, and smarter every day.

    Facebook has an active 2 billion users and 44% of Americans get their news from facebook. While Facebook provides REAL news its is also free for people to post FAKE news. I can't tell you how many times I watched a news video on facebook and came to find out later it was fake. Regulations would mean fake news wouldnt be an everyday thing. You may think regulation could infringe your personal rights but as long as you had free speech and were not straight slandering internet regulations wouldn't be a problem for anyone except the people who profit from fake news. Having internet regulations doesn't mean we need hundreds of rule simple little things like fake news, ads that are propaganda , and ad targeting algorithms would be banned; Us already has regulated movies and videos games only makes sense to regulate facebook and twitter two leading and most influential social media platforms.

    Now I know what your thinking why should I trust the government to regulate the internet they can spy on you see all your information, read your texts, and emails. But the truth is with all the info and the sheer amount of people on the internet it would be almost impossible to find a single person through the internet and the government just doesn't have time to watch you for hours over the internet.
    Also regulations would cut down all these anonymous internet crimes such as plagiarism, copyright, and hacking.

  • Yes, regulation is starting to look like the best option.

    Without regulation there is really no way of dealing with criminal activity taking place on the internet. And I am not talking about illegal file sharing - that is the least of our problem and will mostly be solved by new services. Criminals are now using anonymity on the internet to move money, pay and charge each other, with crimes varying from child porn to drugsmuggling and worse (you imagine). Also - freedom of speach does not necessarily mean anonymity - if your posts are displayed publicly - you should be able to stand by them. What you say in a private chat is up to you, but when posting on a open forum, you should be held responsible for what you say. So out with anonymity and in with responsibility !
    PS! I would like to post this anonymously if possible ;)

  • Yes gov should

    It's to easy for anyone to access sites that are illegal. Some people are weak minded when it comes to porn. The more they see the more that want to see. Poem addiction is one of the worst. So yes regulate illegal sites and don't use it as a trap for mental weaknesses

  • What's the point on this?

    The government needs to stop focusing on what people are doing online and start focusing more on what is going on around them that are threats to the country. Someone who wants to commit an act of violence most likely wouldn't be telling the world, they would just do it. Only people online these days are too busy on social networks, watching online television or busy playing games. Those don't sound threatening enough to try and regulate.

  • The internet is not one "thing" to control

    The internet is only connections, imagine for a second that if the Chinese government ended your call every time you said something that one of them didn't agree with. The internet isn't all these websites, each of those websites is simply what some computer allows you to access, essentially the government wants jurisdiction over all computers regardless of who owns it or what country they are from. The internet is simply the sharing of information, anything that can be "pirated" is simply information in the form of binary, if you want control of information don't tell people(its Legal everywhere to have a secret). Anything that can be "leaked" you've already told someone.
    Suck it up america dont go around telling secrets and expect nobody to know.

  • Internet Should Be Free

    Being an American I like to keep my rights and freedoms, because of this, I do not believe the government should regulate the Internet. I equate this equally with other activities in my life, like I do not believe my country should regulate the type or brand of shampoo I use. The Internet does not belong to the government and they should not get involved.

  • The government should never

    The Internet is an open source of Information, It is just a connection between private computers. And all of those copyright laws are nonsense. If computers were human the copyright laws are restricting the "Humans" to communicate. No one should control the Internet. The problem of piracy is in the Developer itself, because they didn't "Pirate-Proof" their own intellectual property. Just like leaving the door of your house open.

  • Not a chance

    We all know there is lot of content which is inappropriate for everyone but if you control yourself ,it's okay.There is millions of gb a click away ,we can enhance our knowledge, bank on internet, book our tickets, buy loads of things .A little too much is dangerous so if we are free to learn and can control ourselves , it never has to be regulated

  • Absolutely, unequivocally, NO.

    Regulation is a slippery slope for dominance and control. We give them an inch they will definitely take a mile and then some.

    The internet should be place for the ignorant to become wiser; take wikileaks as a prime example, information containing many disgusting atrocities committed by the very people we are supposed to be supporting, this information should not be kept secret from us, it should not be buried and forgotten.

    Alas they know how dangerous the internet is and is becoming to their regimes and would love nothing more than to filter, padlock and guard every square inch of it. We are stronger than they are and it's about time we realised this.

  • Keep you noses out!

    The Government does not own or provide the internet or its greater assets. It therefore has no right to restrict its usage.

    I believe that the Government should be allowed to make illegal activities on the internet a crime, and for this to be dealt with where appropriate. However, no control of the internet's use or content should ever happen.

  • Not at all.

    There is no good reason for the government to regulate the Internet. If the RIAA and software companies want to pursue pirates, they should do so themselves. Frankly, the government has much better things to worry about than people pirating music and cutting into the obscene profits of the record companies. Not to mention that government regulation of the Internet would result in greatly reduced free expression.

  • No, the government should not regulate internet.

    No, I feel the government should not regulate the internet. The first reason and one of my personal feelings is that it would never just stop at regulation. It's would constantly reach and reach until there is no freedom left. Of course, the internet is full of shady material but the internet is also full of inspiration and creativity as well. Just as much as anyone would want to limit it I feel that doing so would only hurt us as human being as a whole people need a place to be 'free' to express themselves.

  • The government shouldn't regulate the internet

    It is not the government's place to regulate the internet from piracy. Doesn't the U.S. government have something better to do besides go after people who download a couple of songs or movies for free? Sites like YouTube and Wikipedia contain copyrighted material, but they are also excellent educational resources for children and adults alike. The government should focus on other, more important things.

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