Should the government rely on private charities to help the poor?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Charities are more effective

    The government cannot provide for the needy. It is inefficient and ineffective because it is affected by politics, which cause corruption in the systems it sets up. It is only natural when politics gain control over specific areas. However, non-government charities are more efficient and direct because they are not affected by politics nearly as much, and they can administer aid to individuals in need much better than the government.

  • Government is basically criminal

    Government is basically a criminal organization due to its use of force to rob and murder people. Apart from using money to help dying children, taxation is theft and slavery, and supporters of such an institution are guilty of theft, murder, and vandalism. Such an organization has no place in any civilized universe.

  • Absolutely Not. This is an utterly terrible and ineffective way to help the poor and destitute.

    The government should proportionally give charity, to everyone who needs charity. Private charity is not only ineffective, it is not even guaranteed, and even when people do fund them (on their own unguaranteed merits), it disproportionately helps those who are destitute (Charities almost always only focus on certain groups and/or certain regions).

    With A nationally funded healthcare system that does not require insurance, you can maximize the quality of healthcare, and ensure that everyone's well being and good health is an absolute right. With safety nets, you can ensure that people have a minimum standard of living to afford basic necessities and housing. With a Completely nationally funded public school and college system, you can maximize the quality of education, and ensure that access to educational resources for citizens is an absolute right.

    Taxes should ultimately be a way for people to pay into the system, so that the system can maintain itself, and give the people the most benefit possible, and ensure everyone's civil liberties (with maximized civil liberties). Paying taxes is a way for society to ensure that your way of life can be maintained and secure. It is all part of being a citizen to a society.

  • That won't work

    Charity is nice but nobody is going to give that much. Furthermore if helping the poor is "criminal" as the OP in the Yes column says then so is taxing for any purpose including firefighters, police, courts, anything and we should just abolish government. And then we'll get abused by warlords, so it's better to have a government.

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