Should the government require all citizens to have health insurance?

  • Yes, especially since there are subsidies.

    We are all mandated to have auto insurance and homeowners insurance if we have a mortgage. Obviously some things less important than health insurance are mandated. And if the government is providing subsidies for low income folks, then there is no reasons why everyone shouldn't have health insurance as it broadens the pool.

  • Yes, all citizens should be insured.

    While most people do not want to absorb the cost of insurance the cost of illness is typically far higher and often comes as a surprise. Catastrophic debt can occur when a person becomes ill and has no insurance. Some studies state that 50% or more bankruptcies are caused by unexpected medical bills. Insurance also focuses on preventative care which can help prevent more severe illness.

  • You guys are complete idiots!!!!!!! Of course the government should not have to require all citizens to purchase health insurance!!

    We should not be forced to but health insurance because many of us do not have enough money!!!!!! And when we do not have money they let us have our treatment , but they are castanet checking our bank accounts so now we have to keep our money in cash. How insane is that ?!?!

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