Should the government restrict freedom of speech?

  • Yes, freedom of speech is within limitations.

    Freedom of speech should be limited in some ways and, in fact, is already. Our rights as individuals do not take precedence over others' rights. We can't infringe on the rights of another person through our speech. Doing things like encouraging violence, knowingly lying (slander), making threats about another person--these are only a few of the things that are not protected under freedom of speech.

  • Pranks are everywhere

    People may call the police and start SWATTING!!! What if the famous metaphor "Shouting fire in a crowded theater" really happened? I think this is happening somewhere in the world right now. Why not the government restrict freedom of speech? It is better for our country. Not ban, but limit.

  • People could get hurt

    You can completely humiliate someone because of your need to say they are the n word to a black, which could cause more death rate because someone says you are horrible and you feel like you are nothing.So i think your rights shouldn't be taken away but you should watch what you say.

  • Why take away the Third Amendment of the Bill Of Rights?

    The U.S. Constitution specifically states the the American Citizens have the freedom of speech. This document should not be violated because we are slowly loosing every freedom and gradually becoming a dictatorship ruled by congress. We founded this nation to have more freedoms than the rest of the world. We left England because of the lack of rights. WE should keep our freedoms and if you aren't happy then go back to where you came from because this is AMERICA the land of the free.

  • No Government Restrictions on Freedom of Speech

    Without a doubt, the government shouldn't restrict freedom of speech. The founders of this country decided that freedom of speech is a basic human right in the United States. That's how things should remain, and restrictions should only be placed on what people do rather than what they say in this country.

  • The Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech, if you don't like it, move to Canada

    Since it is constitutional to guarantee freedom of speech, we must obey the constitution. Even though it may appear outdated, the strength of America has always been in supporting the Constitution. Ratifying the Constitution to let go of Freedom of Speech is Tyranny, socialism, and a variety of things that would be a slippery slope.

  • Why not ?

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