• yes it should

    Government is more like running a household. The importance is in the health, growth and harmony
    of its members. Each member's needs are different and they are at different phases of life. The
    members also take responsibility for the success of the family. As the member becomes more
    mature, then they take on more responsibility. Financial management is not much different in a
    household than in a govenment. When there are more expenses than the money you have, you have
    to make choices and re-evaluate your priorities or make life style changes. And you save for a big
    expense in the future. Humanity is about service and partnership. I don't think you have to be a
    business person to be financially responsible, but the business knowledge seems to help with
    managing money and partnering with other businesses, which in turn helps us. The question, "should
    government really be run like a business?"--you'll have to explain, what is the practice of running a
    business, so we are in agreement of what that means. When you think about it, business owners and
    customers are in a partnership as well......

  • Sometimes businesses make costly mistakes that permanently shut them down.

    If the government ran like a business, its way of working would sooner or later destroy itself. Since businesses survive on the amount of profit they make, The U.S. Government would technically shut down the day it opened. The debt is too high and we are borrowing too much money.

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