• This is just WAY overdue.

    Have you used textbooks from 1997 and sat in a half-rusted desk? If you didn't endure both of these, you're lucky.

    Some of us aren't lucky enough to have up-to-date science and history textbooks. A bunch of discoveries can be made after years and as a student, we should have the current information.

  • Yes. They should.

    Well, I am in India. Our education system is mainly based on theoretical studies. Studies are not meant to cram it, until it is not practical it couldn't be understood well. The great scientists has not only studied from books, they have done it practical. In India, most of the schools, don't have proper laboratories. Teachers here try to complete course. Just to upgrade the class of students in secondary education. Competitions are getting more tougher than before, they are mostly based on the conceptual studies. Well, at last I want to say, we just need the small support from them(Government). Rest it depends on us how do we study. Everyone studying don't have interest in particular stream that's why. But the ones who want to study, for them at least the government should invest some amount on it. The fees here are so high of school and institutes, that many aspirants for studies can't afford to study there.

    Government do spend, but it should be checked that where it had been spent. Not blaming government, but they should think about the needs and necessity required in education field.

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