• Yes, I think the Government should spend more on public works.

    Public work projects can improve the quality of life for the surrounding areas they are conducted in, I think as long as there is a demonstrateable need for a public works project then the Government should be dedicating the necessary resources into doing it, overall I think strict financial controls need to be put on the projects to make sure all the money is being used smartly but the Government should be investing heavily in public works projects.

  • Yes, the government should help public works.

    I definitely think that the government should spend more money on public works. I think that such a policy would be something that most taxpayers would agree with. The government is there to help and benefit the citizens. I think that the government funding more public works would benefit society.

  • Local governments, yes

    The federal government should not be spending any type of money on anything except what is needed in order to keep this country running smoothly. Local governments need to be in control of taking care of smaller things such as public works, which could use a lot more funding. The local governments need to find a way to raise the money for that without asking the federal government for any.

  • No, they should not

    I think they are spent to the max on the budget. They should be cutting back and not spending anymore on things like this. The budget needs to be cut in everywhere and form, the long term results will help them put money into subjects like this,but not right now.

  • We have enough.

    No, the government should not spend more on public works, because the public works that they pick out are usually so inefficient. Government works are usually just political pork so that a person can be reelected to the office that they had. They are inefficient and just waste taxpayer dollars.

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