Should the government stay out of peoples personal lives completely?

Asked by: leonitus2464
  • They absolutely should.

    Personal decisions are no business of the government things like marriage, drug use, what you eat, what you do in your personal time etc should stay your business not theirs. They need to stop trying to get to involved into peoples personal live are no ones business but theirs as long as no one else is hurt.

  • Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government

    I'm a libertarian, I believe government intervention in the lives of individuals should be down to a minimum. The matters that our government has intervened in (historically & current) are of little concern to them; marriage, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, etc. These matters are misidentified as moral issues when they are actually individual issues.

  • My life my choice, My experience

    There is no freedom if every aspect of a person is governed. The government need to address national issues, The big picture. Interfering in individual peoples' freedom and family may cause long term suffering among people. Well, Let's be a tool of change that the majority desires and life may change for the better, In becoming a country truly.

  • Not at all

    The government should stay out of personal anything. They should only exist as a beauracracy to run the nation/state/eventually planet. They must remain non-partisan and only have us census forms and tax forms and other government forms. They can ask about our personal choices and even catalog them but should never interfere in them.

  • It's Not there place to be in our business

    I believe that the government shouldn't be in anyone's personal life because they are basically telling them that they can't do what they want and it's our live. The government isn't suppose to make you do anything that you don't want to do. For example: Getting health care not EVERYONE needs health care if they don't want it. It should be based on the person if they really wanted to get health care then they would have it.

  • Not your business

    I need to know why they want to be in my business anyways. Why do you even need to know what my personal life is about? That only stay with the people I know PERSONALLY. Personal business is personal not for the government to know all about you, it makes no since.

  • To an extent

    If your personal life involves you putting yourself in harm's way, the government has no say in what you do to yourself. The government can only get involved if you are putting someone else's life in danger or are violating someone else's rights. People can decide whether or not they, themselves, want to be healthy or safe.

  • The no logic act

    The thing is that if the govt interferes in matter of personal things in common life of people then what is importance of the family if sooo if the govt want to interfere they should take care of all matters from his birth but what if does not then if waste. Govt if soo wanted to help people then there are many and lot of ways to do that doesnt only need this type of work if this happens all the dignity of that family will be lost there lots of matters that the family cannot say to govt sooo this is very thinking.

  • It's my Life.

    I get to decide what I want and what I don't want. Who's to say whether my decisions are good or not? Somebody else who doesn't know my life and my needs? No only depend on yourself to provide for yourself. Why should the government take away money from other people to provide for you. What entitles you to their money? Why should your wish for their money out vote the people's decision to keep their money? Likewise for all other aspects of life.

  • The government is required:

    First the legal system is a form of governmental body so the very concept of law requires a government to enforce it and to modulate it ensuring regulation is up-to-date and relevant to the cultural beliefs at the time.

    Second the monetary system requires governmental input as all civic services are paid for through taxes which require a central authority to spend and a central authority to monitor and safeguard.

  • No, not completely, question of security.

    I agree that concepts such as marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality are none of the governments business. The State should not get involved in any ethical decisions as long as it does not harm anyone else. But question of security it should be allowed full access to details of your personal lives, to prevent dangerous acts such as terrorism.

  • It depends upon how you are defining personal life.

    On the one hand, I will look at as much porn as I damn well please and you can't stop me. On the other hand, if my neighbor is abusing their child, I know who to call because the government has created laws to protect that child. I am a parent myself, and while I don't need a bureaucracy telling me I HAVE TO do certain things with my kid, I feel secure in the knowledge that if I turned insane one day, or died, some program exists to protect him and care for him in my stead.

    I am uncomfortable with the idea of Big Brother being in my home, but I am equally uncomfortable with the idea of no government body to hold accountable those people who make bad decisions. I don't think it's about eliminating government from our personal lives entirely, I think it's much more important to define what qualifies as an invasion of privacy while still maintaining people's accountability. Because the reality is that at the end of the day, some personal decisions you make effect only you, and some "personal" decisions you make effect the rest of us. There needs to be a body of people I voted for and you voted for that can fund research and do studies and implement programs and laws that draw that line.

  • Of course not

    The government exists because it is supposed to be a tool of the people. In order to fulfill that duty, it must have powers, such as legal and physical power over its citizens. Hate to break to you, but the very existence of laws means the government is involved in your personal life. Only in anarchy would no intervention of your personal and business life by a polity exists, and even then, most serious anarchists support some organization that has authority over people belonging to it.

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