• The Government Should Take a Stance on Bilingual Education

    The government should mandate that education in America be conducted in English as it is the primary language of the nation. English is also the original and founding language of the country. To support or promote bilingual education would be dangerous as it would erode the fabric from which the nation was founded - fabric built on English speaking forefathers.

  • The Government should step in on the question of bilingual education

    The government should step in on the question and controversy of bilingual education. This is because of the fact that bilingual education is an issue that has remained unresolved in our educational system. We should decide weather or not bilingual education is a valid thing to have and the government should intervene.

  • They need to give bigots a reality check.

    The government must take a decisive stand on the issue of bilingual education. Such education has proven to be very beneficial in getting students from other lands to assimilate into the educational system, and into the American culture. But various bigots don't like this, and they have influence. The government must remind them that education and assimilation must not be interrupted just because they freak out when a kid speaks Spanish in their presence.

  • The government should not step in on bilingual education

    State governments have a say in how their funds are spent and what is taught in their classrooms, but much of it is dictated by the federal government through grants. Neither of these agencies are allowed to say what can be included in a curriculum, only what must be in it. They cannot dictate what a private school teaches beyond the core curriculum. If a catholic school can teach the bible, another school can teach Greek history entirely in Latin.

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