Should the government stop child welfare in the US?

  • Welfare needs to stop all together.

    I think welfare needs to stop all together. People misuse their welfare checks especially child welfare. I know personally people that have just used welfare checks for alcohol and other unneeded things. I think people should stop relying on welfare checks and get a job or do something else with their life.

  • People Are Paid To Have Children

    The United States government, in implementing special insurance for pregnant women and tax credits for children, have implemented policies that pay some portions of the population to have children. Given that population is a problem and these families are often the poorest, I believe the United States should seek to stop child welfare. I believe this would discourage more people from having children, especially young people, who can't afford to raise them anyway.

  • Don't have kids if your poor, if you do then that's your problem.

    Questions for the irrational's on the opposing side:
    why should the taxpayer supplement losers?
    Why do children deserve a chance?
    Poor people don't make up a significant amount of the population, a few dying will have no economic bearing on society, so why should we care?
    There's this absurd notion known as charity, you should check it out, best thing about it- consentual. I bet you socialists don't understand the word 'consentual'.
    Any welfare system is peredicated on a bunch of emotional communists isolating rich people to feed their baseless and arbitary emotions.
    Most people hate rape becuase of it's coercive nature, maybe we ought to think of taxing rich people in the same light.
    Ps, I hate socialism....Booo socialism.

  • Limit child welfare

    If 2 people are going to create a child, THEY must be responsible for that child. Men must be held accountable. If they are not in prison and unemployed, they can do community service at $8/hr to pay for their child. Some people in the USA think the government owes them.

  • There is charity.

    Gallup poll states about 77% of Americans are Christians. That is over 225 million people who claim to be religious and worship God. Out of all these people I'm sure there are people who are willing to help unfortunate people out if they really need it, instead of tax payers being forced to pay for irresponsible women. This will stop all the wasted welfare checks and wasted tax money. All welfare programs in the government are ruining this country. If we did not have to pay for all these programs we would not need to be taxed as much, if we are not taxed as much we will be able to keep more than 2/3 of our hard earned income. This will then allow anyone who works to have more money to spend and get out of poverty. Being able to make more money for your self will give higher incentives to work harder. Also, more money to each American will mean increased spending which on it's own will stimulate the economy. Most social services are what is leading this country into failure.

  • If you can't feed them don't breed them.

    It is unfair that the money of responsible people should be taken at gunpoint to fund the promiscuous or religious lifestyles of other people. If people aren't able to be responsible about sex or having children then clearly they need to be sterilized and their children given to more responsible parents.

  • The government should not stop child welfare in the US.

    The government should not stop child welfare in the US. The fact of the matter is that families need some support from our government to be able to provide food on the table for their families. We should not be thinking about taking that away from them and we should be helping them more.

  • Not at all

    Welfare for children is one of the most important things that our government can do for our society. We need to be able to help our hungry and cold children by helping to give them and their families food and shelter so that they can survive and try to make something of themselves.

  • No, children need help.

    No, the government should not stop child welfare in the United States, because children are helpless. If a child needs help, they often have nowhere else to turn than the government. Child welfare serves an important purpose of making sure that children have a good start in life and are not disadvantaged because of the misfortune of their parents.

  • Needed to Give a fair future to our children

    I am all for a community service at $8/hr for parents of child welfare beneficiaries. More over i think child welfare is given so that Children are given a better life right now as an investment in the future. A bit like a capital asset. But an important part is that such benefit should reach the kid and be tracked for both catching guys using the system and better it.

  • The government should not stop child welfare in the US.

    The government should not stop child welfare in the US.Every civilized society has what is called a safety net and children are one population who deserve to have the protection of one.They did not ask to be born and they do not a way to support themselves until a certain age.

  • Welfare helps some families get on their feet

    No, I do not believe that the government should stop child welfare. Welfare is a temporary fix to a long term problem and some really need the help. Granted some people take advantage of the system, the system is needed and should be continued. It should be regulated better, but not taken away.

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