Should the government stop subsidizing unhealthy foods like high fructose corn syrup?

  • Government need to keep amarican health in mind on all levels of comercial activeties that are poison to the people!

    I have searched the labels of every single item I would put in a grocerie cart, and much to my shock and disgust there are more chemicals and corn based products in the food I used to eat then I ever imagined. I watch what I consume now like a hawk. I am a ferm believer that government needs to subsidise whole foods and and organic foods as well as gluten free and chemical free foods . The obesity rates are crazy high ! The Amarican people are not cattle to be fattened up and led to slaughter!

  • Spending more on providing healthcare could be offset by decreasing government subsidies to the corn industry, and improve citizens health as well.

    We spend over $7 billion annually to subsidize the corn industry (source: Congressional Budget Office report). We currently will spend $130 billion on the Affordable Care Act ($1.3trillion over 10 years; source: (AHIP.Org, obamacarefacts.Com). If we remove the unnecessary government subsidies for corn (which we grow in excess; source:, we will also reduce the incentive for companies to put it into food products. High fructose intake contributes strongly to obesity, liver damage, intestinal damage, and immune suppression (sources: Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, JAMA, Cancer Res., NEJM). All of these diseases could be reduced by removing HFCS from our diet, further resulting in savings to our healthcare system.

  • The poor suffer the most from obesity and Type 2 diabetes because the government subsidizes unhealthy food.

    As a vegan who only eats healthy foods - whole grains, vegetables. Nuts. And fruits, my food expenses are high because none of those foods are subsidized. Unhealthy food, which is comparatively very inexpensive, does not satisfy hunger for long, so poor people keep eating unhealthy food and suffer from many health issues. An example of a cheap unhealthy diet that causes inflammation, constipation, and weight gain - Bagel or white toast for breakfast, white bread sandwich for lunch, and mac and cheese for dinner. A diet low in fiber is cheap and unhealthy while a diet high in fiber is expensive and healthy.

  • I believe that the government (who is representing our elected choices) should promote a healthier lifestyle and food choices.

    It is one big cluster mess. A cupcake can be bought in a single serving for 50 cents but in order for me to get a single serving of a vegetable I have to buy the entire bag at a few dollars and waste what will not be eaten or eat it to get my moneys worth. We allow this to not be brought up in elections and make the people we voted for determine what they will fight for. Why? We are dying folks! Chronic illnesses and diseases that are a side effect of the food choices that we are given (our pocketbook dictates our choices often) and we fall victim to large corporations. They put out choices and we pick from them. The government should think about representing all of us equally. Just because you are fat does not mean you are eating poorly as well as I am skinny therefore I am healthy. We are destroying ourselves from the inside out because we have little choices and the ones we have are not because we are informed. Put on the label and I bet a lot of people will choose differently. Person and moral responsibility of the companies as well as personal responsibility will allow for better choices. If i want a single serving of something I should be able to buy it not share it with 2.5 people. If I want 2.5 servings I should also be able to buy that at double or triple the cost of the individual servings size. This will help in so many ways in the long term. Someone has to help the long term dying!

  • Stop the government from subsidizing corporate killers through corn

    In our national debate over health care reform, most Americans have accepted the fact that we have a moral obligation to ensure that our fellow citizens have access to basic health care, and that government may play a role in that task. But what if the same government that purports to be aiding our quest for a healthful life with one hand is with the other hand dumping money into the production of foods that undermine that quest? With the mountains of research from scholars and advocacy groups building, it seems that a prudent first step in reducing diet-related diabetes is for the U.S. government to withdraw from the corn production industry altogether and stop making bad nutrition artificially inexpensive. As the main global producer of HFCS, the United States has a moral obligation to lead the world by letting prices provide the information we need to encourage healthier choices here and around the world.


  • There are better options our there

    By shifting subsidies off unhealthy foods, and onto more healthy foods, the cost to consumers of healthy foods will decrease. Healthy food at competitive prices will allow health conscious consumers to make the choice to buy healthy without giving up money to do so.
    As a grass, corn consumes nutrients in the soil. Subsidies should be shifted to crops that fix nutrients in the soil, and therefore reduce runoff from ineffective fertilization.

  • It would have FAR-reaching effects

    Most of the corn grown in this country is inedible except through significant processing as required to turn it into HFCS and into less than optimal food for livestock (which means most of us are eating sick animals--gross--and the meat has poorer nutritional profiles than quality, properly fed animals) Why would we grow so much of something we can't eat? Because it is so profitable thanks to taxpayer generosity. Spend the money on vegetables we CAN eat. I eat meat but most Americans agree fewer factory farms is an ethically superior position--they just can't see how it's possible. Meat prices will rise but we do not require as much meat as we eat, and we are wasteful with what we have anyway. No corn subsidies fixes a lot of this through the efficiency of the economy, and food security is maintained for QUALITY food for ourselves and our livestock, too. I have faith in the market. If factory-farmed meat and inedible food production really makes sense, stop subsidies to them and see what happens.

  • Subsidize fruits and vegetables and other whole foods without pesticides instead of, or at least as well as.

    Our health should not be sold to the highest bidding lobbyist. The fact that so much money has to be spent to convince politicians and the general public that something is good for them should be the first indicator that something is wrong. The tobacco industry took this same approach until the negative effects were undeniable.

  • When Coke switched to HFCS, Diabetes rates soared

    When I was a child diabetes was very rare. You can look at any chart and see a correlation between the years the American food industry switched and when rates started soaring. HFCS is made from corn and what do you think they use to fatten up cattle, corn corn

  • My son has Fructose Malabsorption from four years old.

    Added fructose to our foods has caused my son now aged 11 to be seriously ill. His body throws everything out in the form of diahorea if he has a tiny bit of fructose. He is depleted of iron, calcium and gets chronic pains from ulcers in his bowels. My son could loose a 7lbs in one day and collapse as he would become so weak. These symptoms would last for the next 9 days. He will always need added calcium and iron medication and bone scans for the rest of his life. That's just one child. How much will this cost the NHS for all the other children because of Fructose/corn syrup. The only drink that he is safe to have is water. Almost every produce in the west now uses Fructose, even in savory foods and sauces. We will never be able to visit America as nothing is safe to eat. Luckily it hasn't hit the eastern countries yet. Why would our government allow such a produce in our foods?

  • I disagree with the government regulating unhealthy foods when they could spend that energy promoting healthy foods.

    This type of regulation on food that is deemed unhealthy is a slippery slope that should be avoided. This could open the doorway to allowing the government to start to choose which foods we can consume. They should spend these resources on promoting healthy and organic foods, and making them more affordable to people.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Control Your Self

    They shouldn't simply because it is bad for you all sugar is bad, but its a cheap and easy way to make foods taste good. It may be bad but you need to be able to control your self around sugary foods, if its bad don't eat or drink it. It isn't that hard to comprehend.

  • No, the government should continue subsidizing all farming to maintain our country's food security.

    High fructose corn syrup is not why people are fat. People are the reason people are fat. No amount of legislative trickery or political posturing will ever change how people eat. Through subsidies, the government has a lot of influence and protective shadows over American farming. Given that the global population is rising, and the amount of land is not, it is in our national security interests to maintain influence over our domestic farmland.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I think the government getting involved with subsidizing unhealthy food is taking things a little too far.

    I don't think the government should have control of what we eat. That is a little ridiculous. People are aware of what types of food might be unhealthy, and I think many people have changed to healthier eating habits. I think they can make their own decisions on what to eat.

    Posted by: DefectiveConrad72
  • No the government should not stop subsidizing foods made of high fructose corn syrup, because it serves the same purpose as sugar.

    It is my understanding that high fructose corn syrup serves the same purpose as sugar. Just like anything in life, there are some disadvantages and advantages. There are benefits in high fructose corn syrup, but the negatives are just as bad. Everything in moderation is fine. And it's when we over-eat, that the problems arise.

    Posted by: StripperMor

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