Should the government subsidize alternative energy?

  • Alternative energy is the sustenance of our future and the government should promote its development.

    Natural resources are a public good - everyone can use them and usually, they are taken for granted. But it is important to remember that we are drawing from a limited pool of supplies. Not only should efforts be made to conserve what we currently have, we should look to the future and attempt to create a sustainable energy source for our children. The government plays the biggest role here as the difference between subsidization and merely preaching alternative energy could be the difference between survival and death of the human race.

  • Yes, the government should

    Alternative energy should be subsidized by the government, because we are going to need alternative energy going forward. This isn't a question of if, but how and when it is going to be implemented. Whatever funds are available to be allocated to alternative energy should be put toward it, of course.

  • subsidize alternative energy

    I personally agree,As it happens, the Obama administration is not the first to have the idea of giving the economy a boost by helping out a promising new energy source. Energy subsidies have been a constant in American history, literally going back to the country's earliest days, and these subsidies have been crucial in America's overall economic development.

  • It is not worth it.

    No, the government should not subsidize alternative energy, because we do not know how bad global warming is, and we might be making ourselves a lot poorer by rejecting fossil fuels. If alternative energies are cost effective, they will develop on their own. We do not need the government subsidizing things that aren't economical.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to change anything about the way that they do alternative energy, except that their needs to be a whole lot more of it around. I think that they need to keep these programs under the control of the government, so that they can do it right.

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