• Electric cars are great for the environment

    It really is time for America to no longer be dependent on oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia and others in the Middle East. The government should definitely subsidize companies to build more electric cars along with also subsidizing companies who have solar panel stores where we can recharge those cars. We need to shift power from the OPEC nations and finally get their attention. We are all slaves to the gas pumps and it has to stop. The more electric cars available, the more the average household will be able to afford them and the lower gas prices will be for those who cannot afford the electric vehicles yet. This will creates more jobs for Americans as we ship surplus vehicles to those same rich oil nations.

  • I think it's a good idea

    In order to continue to promote research and move us towards electric cars, I think it's a good idea for the government to subsidize electric car companies. For too long we have been held hostage by oil. Electric cars can help reduce our dependence on oil. The research to make electric cars affordable and realistic is expensive. The government should subsidize these companies until electric cars are the standard.

  • I think that electric car companies should be subsidized.

    I truly believe that the government should subsidize companies that build electric cars. The first reason I think this is that electric cars are extremely high tech, and they are expensive to design and build. The second reason is that these companies are helping the environment by reducing fuel emissions, which means less work for the government.

  • This helps reduce pollution

    If the government subsidizes companies to build more electric cars, this will help reduce greenhouse gases in general. As driving a car is an essential part of all our American people's daily life, we basically have to spend a lot on gas every month. Besides, cars which use gas for running create air pollutants and greenhouse gases. If there are more electric cars in the market, consumers will have more options to choose a similar price car with an electric build. Thus, air will become cleaner and the environment will be protected.

  • Companies will take advantage

    As we all know, almost all things the government pays for somehow end up to be much greater than the projected costs. Take the Zumwalt destroyer class, that project was a fail. We spent over 9 billion, just for research and development, what do we get? Only three destroyers from the planned thirty-two, for 3.4 billion each. Every time, the costs always manage to go over budget, and by a lot. The companies who receive the subsidies will want more and more, and the government will keep paying more and more because they can't admit that the thing receives taxpayer money is a fail.

  • Government subsidies ruin most things that they are involved in

    What will happen is that the companies receiving these subsidies will have an unfair advantage over those that don't receive the subsidies. The government chooses who gets subsidies by who lobbies the most, not by the most successful companies. Governments are just people, and people are extremely susceptible to corruption. This will cause the number of companies involved in the electric car market to shrink, meaning less innovation. Electric cars are not as good as diesel cars are, and the only way they will get there is through innovation. If government subsidises the electric car industry, all you get is corruption and a stifling industry. Let the free market take us to improved technology when we're ready, and don't allow the government to rush us into things that aren't yet viable.

  • 1. It's pointless unless you change all the energy plants into green ones 2. The government shouldn't be involved in the free market at all.....

    1. The fact is that it takes about the same amount of fossil fuels to make the energy for the electric cars as it does to just have them run on gasoline. The thing that is needed is a new clean energy source.
    The only ones that could meet the energy demands of the modern world are Thorium nuclear power plants.
    And the government has already chosen Uranium (which is more unstable, has higher levels of radiation and three times rarer than Thorium.) simply because you can't make bombs out of depleted thorium.........
    2. Whenever any government starts interfering in the free market you get stagnation.
    The best thing that they could do (other than removing their influence in the free market) is to give out loans to small car-manufacturing businesses.

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