• Green energy should be subsidized.

    The government should subsidize green energy, and I believe it currently does. Green energy will lead to less oil dependence on unpredictible countries, like Russia and Middle Eastern countries. Oil dependence can lead to unnessceray conflicts, and high costs. If the United States was able to maintain there own energy through green energy, it would be amazing for the country.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe green energy is something that every American will benefit from in the long run, so I do believe the government should subsidize it. I believe policy like this does nothing but help people and it is a good way to invest taxpayer dollars for future generations to benefit from.

  • There is enough already.

    No, the government should not subsidize green energy, because when there is a subsidy, there is more of the behavior, even if it is not necessarily a good or cost effective measure. We do not know that green energy is worth what it costs. The government should be sure that green energy is the future before they invest a great deal in it.

  • Government Shouldn't Subsidize Anything

    The U.S. government shouldn't subsidize anything whatsoever because it is a waste of taxpayer money. Free market principles should rule the American and global economy, so subsidies should end for Big Oil, farmers, green energy and every other industry that gets propped up by the American taxpayer. There is plenty of demand for a lot of consumer goods around the world, so private industries don't need government subsidies at all to stimulate the economy.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to take green energy and sub it out to private companies. I think that they need to keep the programs like they are and not try to do anything to them but maybe expand them so that they are put to a more wide use.

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