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  • No, the Government should not Subsidize Well-endowed Universities.

    These Universities make enough money as it is from the students tuition. These Universities should make their tuition's cost less so that more people can afford a higher education. With more people who and think with good reasoning, this will make them more money in the long run rather than relying on Government Subsidies they don't need.

  • No, The governement can't be trusted

    I believe that the government should not subsidize well-endowed Universities because the government cannot be trusted to do this job. I believe that some Universities work along with the government to get funds and that is how they become well endowed. If the government subsidizes these universities they will not be fair.

  • No, the government should not subsidize well-endowed universities

    There just isn't enough taxpayer money to go around these days. Everybody is hurting, especially government-funded or government-subsidized entities. If a university is already well-endowed and has plenty of private income, there is absolutely no reason to further burden the public purse when it's not necessary to the day-to-day running of the school. Schools that cannot function should be first in line for public funds, and only if there is money left over when all those schools have been funded should any of that money then be given to well-endowed schools.

  • The students pay

    No, big Universities do not need any help from the government, and have plenty of money that the students have to pay to go there. They can afford to pay all of their expenses and pay all of the faculty and staff, and still have tons of money left over.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the government should subsidize well-endowed Universities. I think this money would be of much better use if we could somehow offer free college to students who want to attend college but can not afford it. It seems like a waste of money to subsidize schools that receive ample private funding.

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