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  • Yes, it should.

    Scientific research is something that is very important to understanding ourselves and the world around us. Even if there is not an immediate practical use for something, the research that a scientist does could go on to benefit mankind in the future. We should try to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Push the world

    Yes, research should be supported in every field possible, because science is the one thing that pushes the world further and further. Without science, we would not have any of the things that we do today, and the government needs people working on all types of science to find new things.

  • Government should always support scientific research.

    Even if there isn't practical use for scientific research, it should still be funded. Science is what moves us forward. Is there any practical use for a theoretical physicist? No, but a lot of their work leads to massive inventions, like the large hadron collider and the warp drive currently being designed by NASA (no, I'm not making that up.

  • Why waste money?

    The governments of many places do not have the money to support frivolous spending which is what scientific research is. People are just researching so that we can research so why is it necessary that we waste money for the sake of wasting money. This, I feel, also is completely irrelevant in people's future because the amount of people who actually end up using it is so miniscule that it is completely stupid to support scientific learning.

  • Waste of TAX

    If it has no practical value, you're just wasting the government's money, tax. It costs a lot to conduct scientific research and we benifit from nothing, it's just waste of our money. The government should use tax in ways that citizens who pay tax can benefit, not useless sceintists. :D

  • Goverment should not support impractical research

    Government research funding should only be available to scientific endeavors that can yield practical results. The people's money is too scarce to be wasted on speculation and wild goose chases. The people will only support research that can bring about tangible results. If universities and researchers want to pursue impractical research, they should have to fund it themselves.

  • No, if it has no practical use, it does not need government money.

    Our government should definitely not support scientific research unless there is a worthwhile practical use for it. If scientific research is being conducted just for the sake of doing research, then the scientists involved need to find funding someplace else. The government already has more than enough frivolous endeavors that it currently supports.

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