• America has plenty of problems to deal with.

    All though I agree that foreign aid is important, right now, America has bigger problems to deal with, domestically. America should suspend all foreign aid until they deal with their domestic issues. America has a deficit problem that is adding to its national debt every year. They simply do not have the money to be giving away.

  • Right Vs. Wrong

    At the end of the day it is a matter of right versus wrong. A lot of countries need that aid to help them thrive. Sometimes they do not have simple things such as clean drinking water or access to food to eat. We are all living beings that deserve the basics to survive. It is our job to help try to provide that for those that do not have it.

  • No the US should not suspend all foreign aid.

    The US taxpayers contribute only a fraction of tax revenue to be allocated to foreign aid, however the aid given is absolutely necessary to continue. The US sends AID to nearly all other nations to help subsidize food, energy, medical supplies and doctors and more. The US has more wealth than any other nation, more billionaires, and more corporations. The wealthy in this country are really wealthy and the poor are more well off here than the poor are in most other countries. The moral and ethical thing to do is continue aid to countries who do not have the privilege the US citizens are afforded.

  • We Must Honor Our Commitments

    Foreign aid is, in my own humble opinion, often wasted through our own misunderstanding of the situation, and through misdirection of the funds and aid products. I feel like we have severe problems here in the United States that we are ignoring - from starving children to the AIDS epidemic - yes, right here. I would like to see us cut our aid to foreign countries to a minimum, and to screen far more carefully who we give aid, what kind of aid we give, and why. That said, we have committed ourselves to multi-year contracts offering help, and we must honor our commitments or have no honor or trust at all.

  • Just Need To Cut Back

    Foreign aid only makes up a tiny percentage of our national budget. It would be nice if our country would stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us. They are not going to like us any better, and we could use that money on our own people. When are our leaders going to learn, money will never buy you love?

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