Should the government suspend funding for student to study abroad ? What do you think ?

Asked by: Karen0303
  • Government should suspend

    In my opinion , I vote that the government shouldnt suspend the funding for student to study abroad . Fact that , some family are facing financial problem to afford their children to study oversea . Student who are good in their study , but due to financial problem , they force to go for another way .

  • Study abroad is important, so is self reliance.

    Study abroad is an exceptional learning experience that you can't get in the classroom. It can teach you very valuable lessons, and incredibly fun. But government has better things to do than fund study abroad. Earning your own way to another country to study abroad would make it even more valuable and exciting. Learning how to earn money is a valuable lesson and can be even more important than studying abroad, as money making will be a constant concern in life.
    When you've worked hard to earn money it makes it mean more to you, which means study abroad can mean even more than it did before because YOU earned it, not other peoples' taxes.

  • Education is an investment.

    If the government deems a student to be a worthwhile investment in human capital and studying overseas is the best way to invest in him/her, then it should be done. Just make sure the student will return to the labour force of the country after studying abroad. We don't want to pass up chances to train someone who could potentially be extremely productive to society in the future.

  • Study abroad is an important and valueable experience

    Study abroad expands worldviews, and provides opportunities to study subjects more closely than from in the United States. For example if wanted to study a foreign culture or even something more specific such as the European Parliament you'll need to study abroad to get the best possible experience. Even studying science can be more useful studying abroad, since the laboratories doing the best research are sometimes abroad.

    Many students who don't themselves have much money are capable and would benefit from this, and the rest of us benefit too from what they learn and how that contributes to their professional development. These students need public funding.

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