• They are Anti National

    They are Anti National. Media is communal and targets Hindu only. They appease Muslims and never covers their atrocities.

    Their one sided secularism and appeasement is leading into polarization. Media is single handedly accountable to divide India and destabilizing it in the recent past. It should be punished. Fk media

  • The government should put an end to biased media

    Media is the main source where people acquire their information from and their is no doubt that the media influences the whole world. The media needs to be exposed as it continuously degrades different religions ,muslims in specific . Many accusations have been made. The portrayal of muslims is stereotypical and negative

  • Do not let the media wrongly influence

    The government needs to take action on media bias. If a certain network wants their audience to believe something, then they will do it, whether it is accurate or not. This has happen several times and its affecting the viewers to much. We need to put an end to this.

  • Yes, the government should.

    The government should take action against media bias if they expect to have a knowledgeable voting base and people who will vote democratically for the better candidates. When you have biases, you have hyperbole, and when you have hyperbole, you have the worst imaginable political atmosphere outside of dictatorships and theocracies.

  • No, its not the governments place to regulate the media

    Freedom of speech guarantees that people have the right to say what they want - even if what they want to say is biased or unfair. We have laws against libel and slander, but to suggest that we should try to enforce laws against bias would be crossing the line. People (and news organizations) are entitled to be biased.

  • That would be intrusive.

    No, the government should not take action against media bias, because the government would be biased in their application of media bias. The government would run out and shut down Fox News, while giving MSNBC a pat on the back. There is no way that the government could do this fairly.

  • No, the media are free to report what they want.

    Although it may be inaccurate, the media is free to report what they want, how they want. The only restriction is classified information, at which then the government should be able to take action. However, since they have the freedom of speech at their side, they can be as bias as they want.

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