• Facebook is becoming like the Nazis

    They control what you post. If it doesn't agree with their"community standards" then they block you. Even though they let people bash the president & other things. They are very biased. They are invading our privacy by reading messages on messenger. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't look at our personal emails. Something needs to be done about how they run it.

  • Great power but no great responsibility

    Facebook's income is like a state government. If ranked amongst governments it'd be around the 50th place.
    But this entity is not a state in terms of responsibilities, obligations, expenditure, controls and balances.
    FB is doing whatever MZ likes with all that huge power that comes with $40B a year. And it has more than half of it left as profit.
    Thats too much power to be given to one man. Nobody can elect somebody else and nobody can overthrow him.

  • Tech is creating wealth inequality

    Govt should take over Facebook because the largest issue we have today is destruction of moral and community values. Facebook is a medium for government to influence the public on these grounds. The media is biases and run by the top .01% so govt needs Facebook to compete. Spending is inefficient but if govt uses Facebook to educate the uneducated then govt programs might have a chance to succeed for once.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Facebook is a personal thing that the government should have no control over, except in specific circumstances where it is needed, such as a crime. The governement has enough control over the peoples day to day lives, that they certainly don't need to be in full control of what they do on social media.

  • The government should not take control of Facebook.

    The last thing that the government should do is to take control of Facebook.Social media is just that,media.Or what they called in the olden days,the press.It has always been a basic tenet of our system that the press was a type of watchdog of the government so that purpose would be defeated if Facebook was taken over.

  • It is a private company

    No, I do not think that the government should take control of facebook, because it is a private company, and is made so that people are free to explore social media and keep up with their friends, and meet new people. The government does not need to step in and mess it up.

  • Facebook should not be taken over by the government,

    But it should be rightfully regulated. Facebook, like any business, needs proper regulation to ensure it does not abuse it's own user base. Because facebook is a large website, individuals should be protected from the "prying eyes" of someone who wishes to invade someones privacy, even though facebook is a private entity, just like courier services should not be allowed to open your parcels they ship.

  • No, there's too much prying as it is.

    Facebook should be regulated by parents of minors, for instance, but there should be no government intervention other than the kind that comes with laws and rules made for communication of any sort. This needs to remain a private issue where people can express themselves in any way, providing they understand that it is not a private venue.

  • Facebook Doesn't Belong To The Government

    Why would the government take control of Facebook? Facebook is a dying brand with fewer, not more, people. I think it would be foolish for the government to take over Facebook. Why should our tax dollars go to overseeing something like Facebook. I believe Facebook will die on it's own and be replaced by other forms of social media.

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