• Yes, the government should tap phones

    Now we have a lot of terror happening in our world. If the government do not tap our phones, we can't stop the terrorisom from killing people, destroying buildings and making people scared about this Torrors. If we have governments checking our emails and text messages we can stop them earlier and easily.

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  • No, the Government shouldn't tap phones.

    Yes it may protect us, but it violates our privacy rights. We may just need a private phone call, without worrying about who's listening in. They already survey our internet searches, now they are listening to our calls. The government was created to protect our rights, and if they don't, we can overthrow them. This is one of those times. This has to stop.

  • No, phone tapping is usually wrong.

    You can not enter another's home without a search warrant. Their privacy is protected. In like manner, the privacy of the phone line needs to be protected. If there is sufficient cause, then there needs to be some formal process that is gone through to allow a governmental agency to tap a phone.

  • No, the Government should not tap phones.

    In my opinion the government should not tap phones. The tapping of phone lines to gather information on the citizens of the USA is not in the peoples best interest and what is in the peoples best interest is what the government is supposed to be doing. Tapping phone lines should be left to law enforcement and the courts and should not be taking place in the executive and legislative government.

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