• It's a tricky question.

    Really there are two options. Either way the churches would still be a non-profit organization, and only be forced to pay property taxes, which could be deducted by any charitable actions taken by the church.

    1. Tax the churches. I feel this isn't good, because power of the purse means that the government has power over the churches, that isn't a good thing.

    2. Don't tax them. Well, this means that citizens have to pay up what the government isn't taking from the churches. This means that I would be indirectly funding the churches that I don't like, because I am paying a portion of their taxes.

    I personally don't like either option, but I'll go for tax the churches. They should be treated like any other non-profit club. If we categorize them with charities, does that mean that we consider their beliefs a charity?

  • Churches should be taxed in the same way any other organisation is taxed

    1. The cost of government (tax) must be shared equally by all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or other factors (obviously excluding income)
    2. Churches have become a political entity by taking sides on issues such as gay marriage and abortion, and a tax exemption supports these ideas
    3. Tax exemption for churches increases the amount of tax that others have to pay, as well as denying the government a valuable source of income

  • Church Is A Business Of Selling False Hope For Tithes And Requesting Donations, Businesses Should Be Taxed.

    It is only fair to all those other businesses that have to pay high taxes that the business of Religion also be taxed.
    All businesses should receive tax relief for charity work, so churches and any other business that puts funds and personnel into charity will receive tax reduction for their efforts. Thus a fair system for all as well as more encouragement/incentive for all businesses and churches to support charities.

  • Like any non-religious non-profit organization

    The Church and any other religious organizations should be taxed the same way any non-religious non-profit organization is taxed.
    If not the state is granting them a privilege that contradicts the idea, that everybody, and thus the organizations of those people, is considered equal before the law.
    Also the the state has no official religion, thus he can not treat one religion better than others or non-religious groups.
    Either tax the church or tax no non-profit/ charity organization.

  • While everybody else is struggling, corrupt Christian clerics are flying about in private jets claiming the planes “bring them closer to God”.

    In life, who makes a fortune but pays no tax? Mafia bosses, drug barons and preachers. That’s it. While everybody else is tightening their belts due to the economic crisis priests, vicars and pastors are living in the lap of luxury – tax free. They should pay their fair share to the cost of running the country just like everybody else.

  • Yes of course

    Hit them hard with tax it's only a money making racket I've yet to see a poor preacher most of them just wait for the " flocks" arrival for the weekly fleecing by there "spiritual leader" they wear a collar because there "to proud to beg , and too lazy too work " a big con game for the gullible

  • The Government should never tax Relegion

    I don't believe that the Government should ever tax any sort of religion. Most people gather together to go to a "church" generally to better themselves or help others, and the churches are generally there to help others and help spread there religion to people who believe the same things, or to people who want to learn more about that religion. I would think that most churches don't make a bunch of extra money.

    So In my Opinion Taxing Religion is wrong.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Churches should not be taxed. The mission of virtually all churches is to share and spread the love of Jesus Christ. They serve as food banks, homeless shelters, and spiritual fountains. Taxing churches would be treating them as businesses. They are not in the business of making a profit, but rather helping theit respective communities.

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