Should the government tax unhealthy food and subsidize healthy food?

Asked by: rcjockers
  • Yes it would

    Save lots oflives in the long run. Most people who are obese either lack will power or knowledge so we can finacially restrict their choice.
    We should do this as if someone is willing to pay extra to be obese then atleast the tax has helped us out when we pay for thier care.

  • Yes for sure

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  • Personal responsibility both ways

    I think it is funny how people scream "don't tread on my freedoms" yet those have medical issues DUE TO obesity brought on by over eating (notice I did not say all people who are obese) AND they also have no health care will cry "health care is a right". Translation, if their freedom has a negative consequences the government has to pay for the outcome. Bull. You get diabetes due to you abusing your "freedoms" you are on your own. If you accept government help for health care, the government has a right to tell you how to eat. Don't like it, then get your own health care.

  • Unhealthy foods prices should be increased to lower obesity levels

    I think the government should step in on the obesity level in any country with high obesity levels. Even though people have tried to stop people from buying unhealthy products like coke/soda, Mcdonalds/burger king etc... If we do so, we can stop people buying unhealthy foods to decrease the obesity and stay healthier

    We can do the same with drugs

  • This is kinda obvious. Be smart

    Because you want people to want to be less likely to be obese. DUH. This would help everyone accept the poor people who cannot afford good food. But this junky junky food would not help them, it would only make it worse! DUH!!! This is why and you should agree!!!!

  • Too many people are Obese in America.

    Let people make their choices, but many reasons why child obesity is such an issue is because unhealthy foods are so much less expensive than healthier options. With health food subsidies and unhealthy food taxes we can at least try to equal out the problem, and truly allow choice. After all, if your only choosing the unhealthy food because it's cheaper then maybe it shouldn't stay on the market. When it comes to health, you can't allow socio-economic status to determine a persons ability to eat healthy foods.

  • NO it should not do hat

    Because if people don't have a lot of money than they can't eat at food from other places. Also, I think that people should decide for them selves if they should eat healthy or not. If the government gets rid of this than people might lose money because less people would spend money there. I hope this makes somewhat of a point to why I said no.

  • This is ridiculous

    The fact that the are thinking of putting taxes on junk food is ridiculous, why not tax people breathing air, i have the right to choose to eat unhealthy food. Why should i have to pay more for a bag of chips compared to a apple? This is just another way for the failing government to try and run our lives and squeeze every penny they can out of us.

  • Taxes tax everyone!!

    You have to consider the following: Not everyone can get to fresh foods that are healthy. If you live in the inner city, sometimes you only have junk food, and if junk food goes up, it will be hard to pay for your almost only food source. America would suffer putting more people on the streets. It would also cause businesses to fail. Places like McDonald's will fail because people will hesitate to buy. Also, America needs to learn how to make it's own choices. The people should mess up and realize that what they are doing will harm them, instead of the government treating them like babies. Thank you for considering above.

  • It's an individual's choice what they eat.

    Putting taxes on unhealthy food would FORCE people into eating healthy if they can't afford junk food. As much as there are many benefits for this, (especially seeing as obesity rates do affect the whole country) it still shouldn't be anyone's place to effectively ban people from eating what they want if they can't afford the taxes on it. While I mentioned that obesity rates affect a country in a negative way, so do unemployment rates - which are sure to rise if taxes are put on junk food. Less people will be eating at places such as McDonalds and Burger King due to the higher prices, which could cause so many people to lose their jobs as they simply won't be needed any more. While their would be many benefits to taxing unhealthy food, there's also so many negatives. It should definitely not be done, if not for reasons such as unemployment, at least because everyone has a right to eat what they want.

  • Junk food should not be taxed.

    Junk food should not be taxed because we already have enough taxes. Yes, a few extra cents isn't a big deal(it would seem,) but it all adds up. Also, people should be able to chose what they eat. Yes, our obesity rates are going up, but most people who are obese chose to be obese by what they eat. If they want, they can pick the $5 salad over the $2 cheeseburger. Yes, the cheeseburger cost $3 less, but in the long run the amount of money they spend on health care cost will be a lot more then $3. Also, big food corporations like mcdonalds and Burger King will lose a lot of money and people will lose there jobs and they wouldn't be very happy with it. Between 1998-2010, soda purchases have gone down 16%. Also, people who are in shape that want something unhealthy every once in a while don't want to pay taxes because people are becoming "large." This is why I disagree with the taxing of junk food.

  • The Fat Tax is a bad idea.

    If the government goes through with a Fat Tax many Americans will lose their jobs because people will not purchase as much fatty foods as they used to do. Americans will become angry and the unemployment rate will rise. The Fat Tax has failed in Denmark because Danish people have simply crossed the border into Germany and Sweden to purchase fatty foods, a simple solution to the Fat Tax. I fear Americans, like the Danish will find a way around the Fat Tax like the Danish.
    In a poll %55 of people said that they would LIKE to lose weight and the Fat Tax MIGHT help them get thinner. I'm almost positive nobody would actually go through with it. Some think the Fat Tax will make Americas reputation better, not true, many people will continue to purchase these foods and our country cannot bounce up to a fit. And lean reputation because of a small tax on fatty foods.
    Therefore, the Fat Tax is not a good idea and I am against it.

  • The government should not encroach on peoples personal choices

    The government should not influence peoples decisions with taxes. In the Declaration of Independence, it lists that we have the right to liberty and we can choose what we want to do. If the government tried to tax unhealthy food greater, they would be violating our rights. Also, many lower class citizens can simply not afford the expenses of fresh healthy foods; by taxing the foods they already buy, they wouldn't be able to buy enough food with the money they have. This also would have an effect on the fast food industry and over 4 million people who work for fast food companies. If you raise the tax on unhealthy food then less people are likely to buy it. If less people are buying fast food then the fast food companies would be forced to lay off many of their workers leading to even more unemployment. The government would then have to spend more welfare on these unemployed people adding on to over $7 billion of welfare given to fast food employees every year.


  • No, stop trying to steer markets into artificial bubbles.

    Let the free market work, if we don't try to steer prices , those very prices will not go berserk. We have automated machinery for wheat and potatoes, but barely any for fruits and vegetables? Why, why are there illegal immigrants manning the fields when we can use machines to make those very foods far cheaper for the average consumer.

    Let people make the choices in life, and don't ask anyone to pay for their mistakes, nor force them to share their success. Whole point of free will.

    Posted by: N711

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