Should the government test students who receive vouchers?

  • Yes, assistance equals accountability

    Once you start receiving assistance from the government you have invited the government into your life. It is tax payer dollars that pay for those vouchers and there should be a visible reward for giving those tax dollars to students - like good test scores. If students don't want to be tested by the government then don't take money from the government.

  • Yes the students shoulld be tested

    If the government gives students vouchers then the students should be tested. Students can receive money and get away with fulfilling their obligations meaning that some students don't deserve the vouchers. Without proper test who is to say which students deserve what. Testing students will also inhibit good study skills and advance the rate of higher learning.

  • Of course.

    Why shouldn't we? It is time the United States made it stricter to allow new citizenship's and green card's. Our current tests for vouchers are in themselves a joke. You only have to achieve a 60% on them and you can become a citizen. That is blasphemy. We are essentially stating it's ok to be an idiot but hold our flag.

  • Yes, of course students who receive vouchers should be held accountable.

    It's taxpayer dollars that go towards funding the child's education, so yes, they should be held to the same standards as the students attending public schools. Like voucher students, the public school systems are required to have students take this test to make sure the money is being spent correctly, rewarding schools for better performance. There's no reason why someone who received free money to get a better education than their peers should not be tested to ensure the money was used wisely. If they test poorly, they should be sent back to the public school system and give someone a shot in life that cares about what their are doing.

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