Should the Groundhog Prediction tradition continue despite inaccuracies?

  • Yes it should

    Its an important tradition and lets be honest its cute. It might not be accurate but its fun. Having fun and keeping traditions are both important and we should have fun and keep traditions. The groundhog is really cute and i love learning whether he saw his shadow or not.

  • Groundhog Spotting Tradition

    Groundhog's Day should be maintained as a long-standing American custom. Traditions play an important role within our society and should not be judged on their scientific accuracy. There are many references to this practice within our culture that would be inaccessible or unintelligible without knowledge of the base custom, including movies, music and similar traditions in other societies. While we need to take great care with the animals while participating in this event, it's important to maintain this link with our past.

  • We should continue the Groundhog Prediction tradition despite inaccuracies

    Many traditions start from fables or tall-tales, and I believe the Groundhog Prediction is no different. The tradition started from people trying to predict the weather, and it was accurate enough times for people to believe in the act. Even though we now have more technology that can more accurately predict weather, the tradition of having the Groundhog is still fun and also interesting to see if it does match up the more accurate predictions.

  • Groundhog should always stay as tradition

    It has been a long tradition to predict weather with nature, so that's why the Groundhog Prediction should stay as an indicator of future climate. We are seeing more and more interests in those kind of predictions, and many predictions have inaccuracies, they should not be completely banished because of that.

  • Sure, it was never about accuracy.

    Groundhog Day is just a tradition. It doesn't really have any meaning. People never really put much stock into the groundhog's prediction, so getting rid of Groundhog Day because the groundhog is wrong doesn't make much sense. It's just a fun tradition that some people enjoy, and pretty much everyone understands that the groundhog's prediction won't necessarily come true.

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